Manifesting Your Million Dollar Idea With the Law of Attraction (Part 2) (By Luthando)

Now before we begin with the second step to attracting your million dollar idea with the Law of Attraction, do not continue reading till you have done the self inventory test as mentioned in the first part of the article.

If you have done so, you are now ready to proceed to the next step and technique that’s going to prime your mind with positive thoughts to make the Law of Attraction work.

Step 2: Harnessing the Power of Positive Affirmations

What I am going to introduce to you is the technique of positive affirmations. If you are hearing affirmations for the first time, affirmations are statements that are used in a positive present tense language to serve as a communication channel between you and subconscious mind.

Here are some examples of money affirmations.

o My income is constantly increasing

o Abundance is mine

o I am a money magnet, and prosperity is drawn to me

o New opportunities to increase my income open up for me now

How to make affirmations work?

Close your eyes and repeat out loud, “I intend my million dollar idea to present itself to me now. My million dollar idea is here and now and I will that it show itself.” Now listen to the silence, focusing on what you just said. Every few seconds when you begin to feel your mind wandering, repeat the process – say it aloud again, then listen and feel the power of your words as they reverberate through your being. Continue this for as long as you can, then become aware of your breathing for ten breaths. Then you may get up and go about your life.

Affirmations only work when there’s enough repetition being done. Money affirmations are not get rich schemes. Do not expect to see a windfall lying in front of you after doing a week’s of affirmations. The subconscious mind do not work this way, instead if you truly desire money and wealth and with consistent repeating of money affirmations, the subconscious mind will quietly present to you a plan which allows you to achieve that

So have faith in repeating your money affirmations and with enough self-determination and massive action, you will receive that windfall when you least expected.


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