Bellamora Review – Is It Legitimate? (By Luthando)

I encourage you to read this Bellamora Review if you are considering joining this program. Still in pre launch, this Tampa Florida based network marketing company states that they intent to change both the beauty and financial future of their distributors.

The skin care industry is a 300 billion dollar a year and growing industry. Because of this fact the founders of this company feel that they are in the right place at the right time with their proven line of skin care products.

Some twenty years ago renowned doctor Bruce Miller discovered a powerful formulation that created a transdermal effect proven to penetrate several layers of skin. In the early years this formulation was used primarily to eliminate pain and to heal severally burned skin. After 20 years of research and development Bellamora cosmecuticals have the ability to transport formulations such as collagens, vitamins, moisturizers, and anti-oxidants deep into your skin.

Their products are said to improve:

You can receive a free sample of their product simply by signing up on their web site.

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Skin blemishes
  • Fine lines
  • Skin tone

There are four starter packs ranging between $199 and $499. All of the packs include cooperate support, a replicated web site, a virtual training system and free home based business leads. Of course joining at the higher levels will put you in a position to make the most money. There is an impressive list of ten ways to generate income with their binary based compensation plan starting with retail sales and ending with a luxury home bonus.

After researching this Bellamora review I believe that this is a legitimate business with innovative products. Joining this program to take advantage of their awesome skin care products would make great sense. Joining for the business end may not. It is stated in the promotional material that all you have to do is sign up two people and help your people sign up two people and on and on. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that 97% of people who start network marketing businesses never enroll even one person. The reason for this is most people are not willing or able to contact friends, family or acquaintances on a regular basis to either purchase products or join their opportunity. However if you do enjoy doing these things you should do fine in this business.

Having the ability to effectively drive people to your website would drastically increase your odds of success with this program. Online marketing strategies and techniques can be learned by anyone that is willing to put forth a consistent effort toward that end. Once you learn web marketing building a large downline in Bellamora or any network marketing company will be a snap.


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