Completely Unbiased Review of the Polk PSWI225 Wireless Subwoofer (By Luthando)

One thing is sure about the Polk PSWI225 subwoofer – its aesthetics are amazing. However, for a selling price tag of $400, such a product has to boast more than just aesthetics. This article will reveal all of its beneficial features and all of its drawbacks. Using this information, you can then choose whether or not the Polk subwoofer is worth the money.

Wireless transmitter

Wireless is a feature that certainly adds practicality to this subwoofer. Visualize installing a subwoofer without having to deal with wires everywhere! The wireless feature also improves this subwoofer’s portability by a huge factor.

Interference, however, is often a problem with wireless devices. The PSWI225 transmits at 2.4 gigahertz, and we initially hypothesized that bringing other wireless devices such as laptops and mobiles phones in the vicinity of the subwoofer would cause at the very least some interference. We are delighted to announce, however, that in our assessments, we surrounded the subwoofer with a several wireless devices and did not notice any interference at all! This was a surprise compared to the usual interference we usually discover when testing wireless products. It seems like Polk took care of the interference issue – we have to hand it to them, they did a fantastic job.

Build Quality

For $400, the PSWI225 certainly has a top-of-the-line build quality. This product has an unbelievably high build quality. If you do choose to purchase this subwoofer, you’re not going to be searching for a new one any time in the near future. Like every one of Polk’s products, the PSWI225 has gone through the industry’s most vigorous quality assessments. Polk subwoofers are constructed from the very beginning with the goal of lasting a lifetime.

Convenience and Portability

Here are some of the PSWI225 physical specs:

  • Height: 13″
  • Width: 12.5″
  • Depth: 12.5″
  • Weight: 27lbs

What these details mean is that, firstly, the subwoofer itself does not consume much room, and secondly, its low weight makes it easy to move around when installing it. Such a tiny subwoofer is ideal for smaller environments, and because of Polk’s extremely modern technology, it can be placed anywhere in the room and its bass will stay the same. Merge this with the PSWI225’s wireless feature and you’ve got an extremely portable and pragmatic subwoofer that will perform well in almost every possible setup/situation imaginable.

Floor Firing

The Polk PSWI225 is a floor firing subwoofer. This is a huge advantage to look for when looking for a subwoofer! The reason why floor firing subwoofers are so amazing is because they are very effective wherever you place them. You could place it in the corner, under the bed, or anywhere else you desire. This makes the PSWI225 even more convenient. Floor firing subwoofers fill the whole room with equal amounts of bass.

Note: For the Polk PSWI225 to perform as effectively as possible, it should be placed on a solid surface (e.g. Marble, Wood, Concrete, Tile). If you have a carpet surface, you could put a square wood plank beneath the subwoofer.

Butyl Rubber Surrounds

The PSWI225 has authentic Butyl Rubber surrounds which will help provide the ultimate sound experience for when listening to music or playing games. Such surrounds are also very durable – known to last for more than 20 years. Using this system, you can be sure to get very clear sound while keeping excellent levels of bass.

100 Watt Amplifier

With 100 Watts of continuous power derived from the amplifier, one can be sure that the PSWI225 will have sufficient power to provide the bass demanded of it. Also, the amplifier is able to source up to 200W of dynamic power, ensuring that the subwoofer will never lack the energy to perform effectively.

Furthermore, the amplifier is full of fancy features too: it comes with subwoofer volume control, adjustable low-pass crossover, and phase switch. These technical features are what enable you to possess a high degree of control over the Polk PSWI225.

Other Unique Features

  • Easy-to-access line- and speaker-level inputs
  • Driver materials, speaker geometry and enclosure designed to produce very clean and clear sounds
  • Rugged long-throw dynamic balance co-polymer driver
  • Onboard Polk Digital Logic: Intelligent auto-sensing technology that automatically chooses the appropriate low-pass filter


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