CPA – Make Money Online (By Luthando)

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the different opportunities available to you when it comes to making money online. If you have heard or perhaps even tried affiliate marketing then I’m quite sure that you have also heard about CPA or cost per action programs. In a way, CPA is really the easiest and fastest way to earn money online. Typically when one talks about affiliate marketing the first thing that comes to mind would be the commission that you can earn by leading people to your affiliate business’ website and subsequently convincing them to purchase something from them. This sounds like an easy enough process, right? There is, however, a much easier way to generate profits online and that is through cost per action programs. But before we delve deeper into how cost per action program functions, let’s talk about what it is exactly. I’m sure you’re familiar with the most common kind of affiliate marketing which is pay per sell where you basically receive commission for every sale you make for your affiliate business. Cost per action works in a similar fashion except for the fact that instead of getting commissions for sales, you get paid for every person you can get to submit their email address or fill out a form or survey.

Now, let’s talk about CPA networks. These are basically directory of various services and products currently offered by companies who are looking for people to generate leads for them. Joining a cost per action network would provide you with access to these offers and you can then choose according to your preferences. The best bit about joining one of these networks is that you can be sure that you get paid for the leads that you are able to generate for the company behind the program. You can also choose between a variety of different programs which can be anything from health related products, clothing surveys, newsletters and so on. As for the payment itself, the company might choose to pay per visit or for every unique lead you are able to generate. The rates can go from $1-$25 or even higher depending on the amount of information the company would require from a certain lead.

Now, what makes CPA the easier way to make money online when compared to other forms of affiliate marketing? Well, for starters, it doesn’t require any sort of purchase in order for you to make money. Unlike commissions which you receive whenever you get someone to purchase something from your affiliate’s website. Let’s face it, people are more careful about the way they spend their money these days and getting them to part with their hard earned cash can be very, very tricky even with the promise of a discount or some kind of freebie when they do decide to purchase something. On the other hand, getting people to provide information such as their email addresses or answers to a survey is a much easier task to achieve. Once they provided everything that the affiliate company need’s you get your payout. It’s that simple. So do give it a try and who knows, you just might make a killing with it.


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