Four Steps to Making Money Online Writing Articles (By Luthando)

If you can write articles, you can make a great income online. The demand for competent, reliable article writers far exceeds the supply. Writing articles for the online environment is easy. You essentially need a topic, a major slant to the topic, several points you want to make, and an introduction and conclusion.

With your topic in mind, write a headline (article title); an introduction; then cover your points in the article body and write a conclusion. Since online articles are usually somewhere between 200 and 600 words, writing an article doesn’t take long: these are not print-style articles, they’re casual articles which can be skimmed, and from which readers can pick up a few nuggets of knowledge or entertainment.

Let’s look at five easy steps to making money online writing articles:

Step 1. Create a batch of sample articles

Write three or four sample articles. You can choose any subject with which you’re familiar. Subjects like dog training, digital photography and weight loss are popular, as are hundreds of others. These articles are just samples – they show buyers your writing skills.

Step 2. Advertise your services as an article writer

Create a small Web site using Blogger, Google Page Creator or one of the other free services. Eventually you will create a site with your own domain name, but one of these free services is fine when you’re just starting out. Copy and paste your sample articles to the site. You can choose to advertise in any way which is easy for you – use a free resource like CraigsList, or a commercial advertising service.

How much will you charge? That depends on you.

Do a little research to see what other article writers are charging. You’ll see that there’s a great range in price, depending on the quality of the articles, and the reliability and skill of the writer. Set your fees at a rate that’s reasonable for you.

Step 3. Write articles fast – the more you write, the more you earn

Once you start getting clients, the amount of income you make depends on the speed at which you can write (while maintaining quality). You will become faster with practice – your sixth article will be written in half the time of your first article.

Step 4. Get more clients and build your reputation by visiting areas where article buyers hang out

In the first three steps, you’ve gained a little article writing experience. Now it’s time to get clients who will pay you more, as well as giving you more challenging writing projects. Visit online forums where Internet markets and Web developers hang out. Just interact on these forums, without pushing your services. As you become known, people will approach you just on the basis of your site address in your signature file.

So, there you have four steps which give you a broad overview of making money online by writing articles.


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