Is Nutronix a Scam? (By Luthando)

Internet based home business opportunities are all scams. They’re nothing but get rich quick schemes designed to get desperate and gullible people to open their wallet and pull out their credit card. The promise of easy money and overnight wealth is very alluring, but these so-called opportunities never deliver. This is the perception most people have of home business opportunities, especially ones that are Internet based. But is it the truth? Are there no legitimate opportunities out there? Yes there are.

Nutronix International is one legitimate home business opportunity this author is aware of. They market affordable and highly effective health and wellness products backed by years of scientific research and development that truly make a difference in peoples’ lives. Some of their products are even patented. Nutronix is owned by Bob and Blair Bremner and their home office is located in Mechanicsville, Virginia. The home office has a physical location, it is staffed by real people, and they ship millions of dollars worth of products to real customers. Does this sound like a scam to you?

The Nutronix home business opportunity is NOT a get rich quick scheme promising easy overnight wealth. As with any legitimate business, it requires dedication and long term commitment in order to become successful and profitable. Also, as with any legitimate business opportunity, it requires financial investment. Compared to the cost to start up and operate a traditional brick and mortar operation, this investment is minimal. Nutronix has three entry levels one can chose from. They are Junior Executive, Executive and Senior Executive. The initial investment ranges from $40 to $550, respectively. Then there is a monthly auto-ship distributors must agree to in order to maintain their position in the company. This ranges from $40 to $100. Aside from advertising expenses which vary depending upon how the distributor chooses to advertise his or her business, that’s it! If this sounds expensive, just compare it to the cost of owning and operating a franchise such as McDonald’s or Starbucks or in the health and wellness industry, a GNC store. There is no comparison.

With a home based business like Nutronix there are none of the expenses incurred by traditional storefront or office based businesses. There is no equipment to buy and maintain. There are no employees, no benefit packages, no insurance, no overhead whatsoever. The company provides training, support services, accounting, websites and other tools to promote both the business and the products and they drop ship direct to the consumer. Is that not worth $100 a month? One would put out a lot more than that in a traditional business, be it a franchise or a Mom and Pop operation. And the distributor receives product for their own consumption or to use as samples to advertise their business. Now is it worth $100 a month? Of course it is. Even if the distributor never recruited a single downline member, never sold one product and never made a dime, they still had the benefit of some very good, state of the art wellness products that helped them live more healthy and perhaps even saved their life. Now is it worth $100?

In truth the Nuronix opportunity is highly profitable if worked properly and if the distributor follows the marketing plan and the training of their sponsor and upline. No, Nutronix is not a scam. It’s a legitimate home business opportunity and certainly one worth looking into.


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