Make Money Online Using Digital Platforms (By Luthando)

Corporate Marketing is now enhanced with the availability of new digital platforms such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication), Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos. These platforms are not just for social networking but are now seen as important for creating awareness, building preference and gaining loyalty for products and services. Smart companies that have realized this are leveraging on them to influence purchasing decisions.

Below are 3 popular digital platforms commonly found in marketing savvy companies.

(1) RSS
RSS provides your prospective customers or customers with the latest news you’re your company. Using RSS, you deliver to your clients ‘news reader’ whenever there’s an update at your end. Therefore, ease the adoption of this by providing instructions on how to subscribe to your RSS feed. One way, is to suggest the setting up and usage of a web-based news reader, such as Google Reader, if they do not have one.

(2) Twitter
Twitter can be used to provide short, timely messages to your prospective clients. By sending clients instantly updated information regarding any product information or promotions you raise awareness and create impulse purchase decisions. In addition, Twitter can be used in responding quickly to client queries as part of providing good customer service. The response provided should be helpful and with this, a sales lead can be converted to sales.

(3) YouTube Videos
YouTube provides another channel for you to provide useful content such as videos, data and information on your company strategy, product and services to your viewers. Prospective customers interested in your products can view video clips demonstrating the product with benefits provided. This will raise their preference and can accelerate the adoption of your products or services.

These digital platforms complement traditional marketing in building preferences for your products which can lead to a purchase decision. The power lies in implementing them for accelerating making money online.


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