Product Review – “The Clickbank Profit Machine” by Dylan Loh (By Luthando)

As I frequently review new internet marketing products, I recently received a free copy of a new product which is the brainchild of a young man living in Singapore. I have reviewed several of these so-called “money-making programs”, and I approach each with a wary eye. Some have valuable information, but it is presented badly or in an unusable form. Most are totally worthless for the internet marketing “newbie” either due to complete lack of substance or from having been written for experienced internet marketers…who usually already know most of the stuff in the product anyway.

The product I am about to talk about, “Clickbank Profit Machine” is one that finds the right spot by collecting a valuable range of information based on the author’s own successful experiences, designing a structured process around them, and then presenting the information in a way that is easily understood by the internet marketing beginner. In fact, for someone who is uncertain what to sell on the internet, how to sell on the internet, and how to find customers AND the resources to reach them, Dylan Loh has come up with some answers.

Dylan Loh is barely 21 years old, lives in Singapore, and makes more in a week than some people make in a month…or even two months. For some time, he has made a successful living selling Clickbank products, and has put his knowledge into a 46 page, instantly downloadable information product that can possibly have the reader making money within a few days.

“Clickbank Profit Machine” focuses on Dylan’s techniques for using Clickbank affiliate programs to generate internet income. He has been using and refining his techniques for some time, and recently decided to put them together as a program which he has begun selling through Clickbank himself. Overall, it is a well put together product which provides a wide range of information.

Dylan is attuned to the fact that he is probably dealing with a “newbie” and presents his material in a conversational manner without much technical jargon creeping in. I chatted with him recently about that, and he informed me that he was already working on some revisions which would take care of that, but, in my opinion, most people would have no problems with the program in its present state and what Dylan is going to do consists of “tweaking” the text more than anything else. In fact, even if someone were to have difficulty understanding part of the program, Dylan is temporarily providing 1 on 1 coaching to anyone who purchases his product.

Just a few of the topics Dylan Loh covers are:

**How to start a successful internet business with no website

**The system he uses to pick the most successful products

**How to use Google AdWords to produce even more income

**What traffic generators to use and how to use them

This is possibly NOT the world’s greatest internet marketing guide (which I haven’t found yet anyway), but it IS a simple, and at the current price of $34.95, a reasonable addition to the internet business training of any budding online entrepreneur.


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