Regenerating Our Passions, The Month of Scorpio 2015 (By Luthando)

The Zodiac Month Ahead Regenerating Our Passions

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies, 23 October to 22 November.

Making the Most of Our Cycle in Scorpio

Autumn 2015 continues as Scorpio now brings us into the intensity of the season, plummeting without hesitation into the depth of what transformation ultimately brings. As our Sun journeys with The Eagle/Scorpion, we are favored to begin again wherever it transits in our personal lives. Once we arrive at our New Moon in Scorpio 11 November, we will be in complete forward motion of these requests.

Scorpio’s consciously aim for power that is best accompanied with self-control verses repression. Their free will can choose from being incisive or ruthless; intense or fanatical; strong-willed or stagnant; reserved or suspicious; passionate or corporeal; possessive or jealous; and courageous or fearful. Every year the Sun visits Scorpio, these qualities of expression become the focal point of the collective consciousness, guiding the energy that our quantum universe channels for our free will’s to assimilate into our now from ‘As Above, So Below.’

The planet in charge of Scorpio is Pluto, who is The Transformer behind all our larger-pictures and full scopes of life, wealth, sexuality, infinity, as well as regenerative forces within the Zodiac as he journeys through his cycles. Equally bringing profound changes to any given sign during its’ varying 14 to 20 year elliptical cycle, this planet also brings generational influences into our astrological perspective. Known as the true death and rebirth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio’s energy is powerful to experience, as long as the cultivation of forgiveness and right direction of aspiration is habitual within the soul’s deliberate energy.

Where Does Your Sun Sign Wish For You to Regenerate Your Passions?

ARIES: Regeneration/Change where I Transform

TAURUS: Partnerships where I Relate

GEMINI: Habits/Routines/Health where I Serve

CANCER: Creativity/Children/Love Affairs where I Create

LEO: Home/Family/Environments where I Nurture

VIRGO: Thinking/Mentalities where I Communicate

LIBRA: Earning Power/Values with what I Have

SCORPIO: Approaches/First Impressions with who I Am

SAGITTARIUS: Inner Work/Subconscious Study where I Process

CAPRICORN: Hopes/Dreams/Wishes where I Socialize

AQUARIUS: Career/Public Life where I Structure

PISCES: Higher Learning/Travel/Growth where I Believe

Sun enters Scorpio 23 October

Shine Light Upon Regeneration

As our Sun enters Scorpio this year, we are called to a new learning that is able to regenerate what we hold to be true in our beliefs. There has been so much energetic release and calling for healing since our Sun was in Scorpio in 2014. It is time we honor reconsidering the philosophies we have carried for too long so we can all awaken to a new passion allowing us growth and proper evolution over the next year.

Our Sun’s time in Scorpio equally asks us to touch base with our soul’s power to identify with its’ desires. This is a favored time to probe, eliminate, destroy and regenerate whatever we no longer need from the Scorpio slice of life so we can move forward as evolution wishes us to in our transformational experiences. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces grants healing to what changes Scorpio brings surrounding 30 October, while Pluto in Capricorn favors a pleasurable rebirth 06 November to allow Scorpio’s shifts to cycle on in harmony. By the time these energies speak with Jupiter in Virgo 10 November, we will take our regenerating beliefs that we have been working on and notice they have indeed grown into new philosophies for our highest good. Mercury in Scorpio greatly assists us to allow even more changes to realign our thinking surrounding 17 November.

Mercury enters Scorpio 02 November; Sagittarius 20 November

Where Communications & Change Unfold

Our Messenger Mercury catches time with three zodiac signs under our Sun’s transit through Scorpio. His Shadow from his Retrograde passage in Libra finishes up as the Zodiac month begins, carrying out precision seeking methods of expression until he enters Scorpio on the 02 November. Throughout 20 November, the abilities to probe, become resourceful, remain positive as well as diplomatic will all be acutely penetrating from Scorpio to bring forward our necessary changes.

Once in Sagittarius by 20 November, Mercury journeys with The Archer to spark independent, versatile and aspiring mentalities even as he will conjunct Saturn on 24 November asking us to slow it down and become methodical. We’ll find responsible changes beckon from Sagittarius, asking for us to honor the deeper intellectual messages they are bringing towards us. Persistent, sobering, studious and reflective experiences can be anticipated to unfold from where Sagittarius aims to expand our lives throughout 09 December.

Venus enters Libra 07 November

Where Harmony & Understanding Align

Our Idealist planet settles in right at home within Libra until 04 December. After all the late summer and early autumn changes within The Scales, this will be a wonderful time to discover that peaceful, gentle, and easily expressed energy is officially moving us forward in this area of our lives. Remember to take into consideration what can be simplified, proportioned and given the genuine value it deserves wherever specifically Libra lives in our Zodiac Pies.

Responsibility comes right into play by 13 November as Venus converses with Saturn in Sagittarius, making sure what’s actually sincere is increasing in steady gains between these two areas of our lives. More transforming energy seeks to work with us as Venus speaks with Pluto in Capricorn 20/21 November as intense affections communicate between Libra and Capricorn to captivate our full emotion attention as well.

Mars enters Libra 12 November

Where Motivations & Desires Thrive

Our pioneering planet drives finalizing action within The Scales for the remainder of 2015 until 03 January 2016. With all that Venus brings forward for realignment here until early December, Mars carries out our desires to refine this area of our lives even further without any hesitation. As our powers of reactions and compromise are dynamically stimulated, there is a relaxed and well-regulated energy that promotes co-operation is ready to be courteous and amiable within our experiences here.

23 November finds Mars speaking with self-reliant and courageous tones to Saturn in Sagittarius, regulating with a bit more hard work, what Venus inspired here just 10 days before. 06 December calls forward energies to completely intensify what Venus & Pluto previously understood in late November as more adventure and self-confidence secures true strength and solidarity to be formed between Libra and Pluto. 10 December Mars opposes Uranus in Aries, stimulating fearless, strong-willed and forceful tones to keep us on alert to what can be invented and inspired in this polarity, verses attract violent, unbalanced, destructive or headstrong reactions to unfold.

Neptune goes Direct in Pisces 18 November

Where Subconscious Healing Returns to Conscious Action

Our mystical planet has been in its’ annual retrograde passage since 12 June, the fourth of many opportunities in Pisces that will ask us for review and reassessment throughout 2026. Outer planet retrogrades are never as pronounced as inner planets cycles of reflection such as Mercury, Venus and Mars. All the same, we were just asked to carefully reconsider on a subtle level what our Pisces area of life truly means to us. Wherever the Fishes swim in our Zodiac Pie points to precisely where this recalling was requested. If any falsehoods or unwariness exist within this area of the life, these have been asking for you to cleanse and release them.

This current era of Neptune in Pisces that began 03 February 2012 continues to ask the collective consciousness to be responsive to mystical ideas, mass emotions, and hear the call of the suffering of humanity. There is a great power at any of our fingertips to understand, aid and transmute what is being witnessed in affliction. This takes time in our modern day routines to remember we actually have more efficiency when we slow down, listen, and become still. As we recognize that passivity is not unproductive -but truly a necessary practice in order to expand our current consciousness- we can soak up the goodness of a telepathic moment, as well as enjoy the journey of how aesthetic spiritual habits only enlighten and expand our joy along the way.

What Are Your Passions? May you revisit the wonders of how they are absolutely meant to fuel your source energy with divine gifts for what is in the personal process of regeneration for you in the Zodiac Month ahead.


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