Thinking of Using Stop Smoking Patches? Don’t Be Silly (By Luthando)

Don’t waste your money on the NRT scam! Let’s have a look how this works…

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) provide a measured dose of nicotine to ease the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Compared to cigarettes, which contain thousands of harmful chemicals, NRTs contain only nicotine. NRTs come in many shapes and forms. There are gums, patches, inhalers – even lollipops! You start with a certain dose to maintain your nicotine supply, then gradually reduce the dose.

NRTs claim to have a success rate between 10% and 20%, but many studies rank it even lower than that. After a possible relapse, the chances of success reduce to almost zero.

A friend of mine successfully quit cigarettes using NRTs, namely nicotine gum. Two years down the track, she is still off the cigarettes – and still on the gum! Not only that, she is now spending AU$100 (about US$80 or E50) per week on her gum addiction, up from $30 when she started – and $50 she was spending on cigarettes before that.

Sure she managed to get rid of the cigarettes, but she is still addicted to nicotine – even after all this time. You could say she chose the lesser evil, but it is still an evil. When she runs out of gum, she gets nervous just like any smoker!

What pharmaceutical companies are really doing is “helping” you get off a drug (cigarettes) and replacing it with theirs. In fact, it’s the same drug in different form.

Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes. How can you heal yourself from nicotine addiction if you keep feeding it to your body? You can’t – it just doesn’t make sense!

Taking nicotine in a different form just prolongs the struggle. The only way to beat the addiction is to stop feeding nicotine to your body – completely. Don’t be fooled! When users quit their NRTs, they are still likely to experience the same withdrawal pangs they would have encountered by just quitting smoking. So what then is the point? That’s right…there is none!

Oh wait! Maybe there is a point…

Keep in mind that as long as you are addicted, someone is making money off you. The belief that quitting is hard very much plays in favor of the corporations selling you their NRTs. I believe that is no accident. For those corporations, it is much more profitable if you think you have to be a superhero to quit without NRTs.

Do you really think these multinational corporations would tell you it’s easy to quit when they could keep selling you their products for years to come?

It is now well known that for decades tobacco companies hid and denied their knowledge of the harmful effects and addictiveness of cigarettes. Why would you assume that pharmaceuticals are any different?

For them, it is all about profit.

Perhaps this is a cynical way of looking at things, but it is also empowering. It is about not giving charge to someone else, hoping they “will sort things out”. It is about taking back control.

It’s the only way. Take control!

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