Free Online Classified Ads Vs Offline Classifieds – Which is Better? (By Luthando)

The internet is undoubtedly the fastest growing industry in the world today. Everyday, a lot of people are browsing the internet, checking their mails, searching for information, looking for jobs, wanting to buy and sell products, promoting their goods and services or just plain relaxing and killing the time. Surveys show that one of the most visited sites on the internet are those that provide free online classified ads.

There are so many clients and job hunters who prefer to involve themselves with free online classified ads than ads placed offline. In the advertisement sites alone, thousands offer free online advertising. The internet offers a larger market amounting to millions of probable clients each day around the world whereas offline advertising has limited clients and coverage.

When advertisers place their ads online, the expected feedback from possible clients regarding the products marketed is immediate. All the client does is just to click his URL address on free online classified ads site and more information appear on his screen. It’s definitely a much convenient way of searching as compared to offline ads where you have to either call or email and still wait for the advertisers’ response.

Free online classified ads is really perfect for your budget because it does not entail any cash out while in offline advertising, you always spend money to be able to buy space on these printed materials before you can get your ads published. Also, there may be free offline ads but this is not advisable to as these have a very limited clientele on the products and services in the market.

When placing ads online, one can always change, update or correct the ad’s contents whereas in offline ads, you cannot. It is already a fixed package. What is already printed cannot be reformatted. Online advertisers can also repost their ads regularly while in offline advertising a reposting would mean another expense paid for the ad space.

While it is true that posting advertisements on free online classified ads sites are mostly beneficial, it also has its own share of disadvantages to note. To search for a particular product or service, using free online ads can entail a lot of time. There are also a lot of free online classified sites that are spammy so consumers tend to avoid them a lot or not trust them at all. Other classified sites just don’t reach your target audience. These are just a few of the minor shortfalls.

On the upside, there are already plenty of great and smart software available that can completely do automatic submissions to free online ad websites. Finding the right sites and the right software can completely automate your business and make a whole lot of difference on your bottomline.

If you choose to place your advertisements online for free, don’t just stop there. In order for your ads to generate success, you must always target your market every time you sell your products or services online. Make your ads attractive yet simple and the description of your products short and concise but can pique the interest of site visitors. Don’t take free classified online ads for granted just because it’s free. In fact, you need to exert extra efforts to let it look great and do well because whether you like it or not, your business depends mostly on its advertising medium.


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