The Builders Blueprint: How To Quickly Flip Websites for Fun and Profit (By Luthando)

Who else is looking for the absolute easiest way to earn a full time living online? If you have been chasing one “magic bullet” after the next, the truth is… you are probably JUST about ready to give up, right? It amazes me how many people struggle to build a profitable online business, when the real steps for earning BIG money are actually quite simple.

The secret?

I’ve said it many times before… and I’ll say it again here: You have to think of a way to create genuine value, and to find an eager audience who identifies that doing business with you will improve their lives in an easy to understand way.

To be honest….the traditional approach of selling eBooks, or membership sites or even coaching and consulting can make that a very tough sell. Most clients, customers and CONSUMERS in general are conditioned that value has to be visualized in order to be compelling.

And while you CAN earn a killer income selling “products”, there is no better way to demonstrate value than a turnkey website, blog or online community that you offer for sale.

Building a profitable online business predicated on “flipping” websites is very, very simple and exceptionally straightforward.

At a minimum, it only requires that you:

Get hosting
Register a high value domain name
Create content
Find an audience who NEEDS what you are selling

Is that a little bit of an oversimplification?

Quite honestly, not really! While adding bells and whistles and adding value to a domain is advisable, you CAN create a very profitable business selling low end blogs and websites in the $197-$397 range, without doing anything OTHER than the above.

As a matter of fact, I was speaking to a domain reselling specialist the other day at one of the major domain registrars who gave me a LONG list of premium domain names that sold for big bucks, (4 figures and up) just in the last few months, without any content at all.

In the scenario above, you are improving the domains with content, and in the right markets, that has tremendous value to professional people who crave an online presence, but don’t have the time or expertise to build their own.

BIG Tip?

Adding premium templates, responsive layouts, and even free functionality like social networking can exponentially increase the perceived value of every property you develop. Tools like BuddyPress for example, are 100% free, but to a customer or client, can appear to represent a huge competitive advantage in their niche and are really appealing.

Of course for YOU, as the virtual real estate developer….adding and configuring this sort of functionality takes about 60 minutes, and once you know what you’re doing……that’s on the HIGH side.

In truth, “flipping” is really not the best word to describe the above, simply because most people think of flipping as buying an underutilized asset, improving it, and then selling it for a profit.

I prefer to create NEW assets from scratch, and target a hungry, ambitious and easy to identify audience who I know in advance needs what I’m selling.


There are so many back end services you can offer once you’ve sold a site, that it would take me 10 more articles to really due justice. Everything from SEO, to content creation, to blog building, to social media marketing, to business and entrepreneurial coaching… you name it, you can offer it! And the obvious advantage is, once you sell something to someone who appreciates and understand the value you create, creating long term relationships with these people that are mutually beneficial is easy, effortless and a whole lot of fun (no guru’s and no gimmicks required).


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