Triad Trading Formula Criticisms – Forex Triad Formula Reviews (By Luthando)

Before you try out the Forex Triad Trading Formula mentorship program, you should definitely read this article fully first to read about my experience with it and some of the criticisms that I have about it.

1. What is the Forex Triad Trading Formula All About?

Basically, this formula is a six week long currency trading program that covers basic and advanced concepts of trading. It is conducted by a professional trader Jason Fielder who has decided to share his expert knowledge through this personal mentoring course. Having been through the entire course, I would say that it has been very helpful and has definitely helped me create a consistent income. However, there were still some areas where I believe the course can be improved upon.

2. What Do You Get by Signing Up at the Forex Triad Formula Membership Website?

By becoming a member of this site, I get to tap on Jason’s expert knowledge on the field of Forex trading and get to see him execute the kind of trades that has brought him millions of dollars in profits. Besides learning the main trading methods that he uses, members will also be able to view all his live trading demonstrations in video format. The system that I have learned in this course requires only a few minutes of work per day and has helped to remove all the feelings of indecision, frustration and fear that I used to have before when I was trading.

3. Overview of the 6 Week Forex Triad Trading Formula Course?

This six week will introduce a new trading technique every week. All have made money for me, with the mega market movers and currency breakout systems being the most effective and profitable for me so far. The 1st week introduces you to the simple Trend System, 2nd week to the Slow and Steady Technique, 3rd week to the Squish Squash Counter Trend Method (very useful for detecting trend reversals), 4th week to the Psuedo Counter Trend Weekly System, 5th week to the Mega Market Movers System and 6th week to the Currency Breakout Method.

4. What Are Some of the Common Criticisms about the Triad Trading Formula?

As you would have read from it website, members will learn how to generate signals every day with an equation provided in the course. This signal detects trend movements with a high degree of accuracy. Even though that is the case, I would wish that members actually get more insight into how the equation is arrived at and more explanation on its rationale.


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