Web Traffic Generation – Advanced Training Methods To Boost Your Site Traffic (By Luthando)

Welcome to advanced web traffic generation training.

Understanding the basics tactics of website traffic creation allows you to jump into the Internet traffic generation arena without hurting yourself too drastically. Basic techniques can easily be implemented by new marketers or even ones who have been around for a while. There is little or no barrier to entry on basic methods, usually the cost is minimal.

Advanced training methods cover tactics that are only slightly harder or potentially more expensive than basic web traffic training was, but are much more effective traffic generation models. These can also be done for free, but may be much more cost effectively outsourced unless you are highly skilled in these areas.

Can you become highly skilled at using these methods, yes, but you should limit yourself to implementing them as traffic method, not in the creation process. These methods will take more time to master but are all very effective traffic generation techniques in their own manners.

Media Productions

Creation of media resources covers those elements that are not considered to be standardized content. Even though the material might be a reiteration of your written documents, these can be implemented in different manners. Each method has a more specific target audience. IE: audio targets people who listen to audio files, etc…

AUDIO Creation of audio media requires a microphone, and some means to record the audio, (some free audio software, like Audacity and a computer). Audio should be free of noise and easy to understand. Once created you can circulate the audio files through Internet Radio, podcasts, and audio directories. Links are basic on your account profiles. Consider mentioning your website at the end of the audio.

VIDEO Video creation can be two basic forms. Slides or standard Video. Slides can be a presentation, but often include a voice or audio track. Standard video formats can become full productions and can become quite resource intensive (time or money). Traffic comes from both your account profiles and any link references you place in the video.

SOFTWARE New software comes out all the time. These software packages can be simple or complex. If you are a programmer, or have done plug-ins for popular programs like WordPress, then links can be added to the programs in order to refer traffic back to your landing zone. If you are not a software developer, don’t worry. There are software packages you can buy to market or re-brand as your own.

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