WordPress Automatic Blog Content Plugin Tools (By Luthando)

The internet marketing industry runs in cycles and there is a new emerging concept that is gaining lots of momentum, and that is how to add automatic blog content to WordPress. Today’s technology allows new content to be automatically added to blogs from several sources including article sites, Amazon, ClickBank, Yahoo News and Answers, RSS feeds, and other valuable content sources. This is also sure to expand in the future to include many other content sources as more of these plugin tools become available.

What this means to internet marketers though is the ability to build highly specific, highly targeted niche market blogs and not have to worry about building all the content. Now I know most people will say that “it will not work”, or “you cannot do that”. Well let’s address those two common concerns:

  1. “It will not work” – I have multiple blogs in various niches that are built exclusively on auto generated content. I have 4-5 new articles posted each day to these blogs and the search engines are loving it! Most of these blogs have Google cache age of -0, which means that the spiders are crawling my site each and every day. Two of these sites were built brand new from scratch with automated content and I now have hundreds of pages indexed after only a few weeks. I have done absolutely no marketing except through normal organic seo techniques and my traffic is growing almost every day. I also have already made money by selling product from these websites. These were my tests and I am very pleased at this point on how well they are doing.
  2. “You cannot do that” – One of the biggest issues I had to get over and prove to myself was that using these automated blog tools was legal and ethical. After doing some research, what I discovered is that these tools simply pull data from other websites that provide the tools necessary to legally pull in the content. In other words, the content is made available through integration that the originating site provides. In other words, they provide the integration necessary to let other sites automatically pull in the content. Regarding the articles, the auto blogging tools include all the author resource box that provides full credit and links back to the original author. Doing this follows all the guidelines and policies that article sites require for re-publishing their content. So the result is that all the re-published content is legit.

And much to the contrary of what many people assume, there is no “duplicate content” penalty from Google or other search engines. This seems to one of the most widely misunderstood myth on the internet. If that was the case, how could you ever find multiple instances of a news story, or multiple instances of an article when doing a Google search. The bottom line is that Google does not penalize for reusing other people’s content. In fact, some of my websites rank higher for the content than the original website.

In future articles I will provide specific details on how I use these WordPress automatic blog content plugin tools in my internet marketing business.

Source: www.askpaccosi.com

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