Xango MLM Business Review (By Luthando)

XanGo, LLC is a nutrition company, whose main product is XanGo Juice. XanGo Juice is a premium mangosteen beverage as well as a dietary supplement. As a dietary supplement it offers some health benefits which may be why XanGo seems to be selling well. XanGo uses a traditional multi-level marketing (MLM) system to market its product worldwide. The company has over one million distributors working independently. If you are considering joining XanGo as an independent distributor, I hope this article can provide some more answers to the questions you may have.

XanGo Juice, made primarily out of whole mangosteen fruit – blended with other fruits, has health benefits that are supposed to increase your immunity, maintain intestinal health, support your joint functions, as well as a couple others to name just a few. This juice is consumed daily, with the recommended intake being one to three ounces. With today’s health conscience world, XanGo Juice seems to be a hot seller in the health and wellness industry.

For a $35 membership fee, you can join XanGo, LLC as an independent distributor. Your job would be to market and sell both XanGo products, and to recruit others to join the business underneath you. You would do this through network marketing. You start off by marketing the product to your family and friends. As you begin selling the products, you start to focus on recruiting others into your business. When you recruit others as independent distributors, they are considered your downline. Your downline is where the real income comes from…

The XanGo MLM business offers a lucrative compensation plan to its independent distributors. There is a PowerStart Bonus which pays 20-30% of your new customer or new enrollee’s first order with XanGo – paid weekly. Then there is the UniLevel Residual Income, paid monthly. You make 5-10% on all repeat orders your downline’s customers make, three levels down – as well as repeat orders of your customers. Your residual income gets larger as you achieve higher levels as a XanGo distributor. Likewise, as you get more successful within the business of XanGo, you can benefit in sharing a small percentage of the global sales volume on a quarterly basis.

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