2 Wealth Secret Keys To Succeed Online Today (By Luthando)

Many people attempt to conquer the Internet believing that somehow and in someway there is a wealth secret out there and that they could earn a full time living harnessing the power of the Internet. While it certainly is possible and true that thousands of people do earn a full time living on the Internet, it is also true that most who attempt this huge undertaking to make online income their only source of income, simply give up and fail at it and that is NO secret.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why it’s so difficult and some ways you can improve your odds at succeeding online. There are a lot challenges facing someone trying to gain financial abundance inside of the Internet money making world, and instead of attempting to detail every challenge you face at become successful with your ventures, I simplified it down into two key categories or areas that need to be well understood before venturing further on with your plans to make money online, create a business or buying one more needless information product!

Speaking of money making ideas, have you had enough sale pitches & pages yet attempting to sell you every conceivable idea why you are leaving money on the table? If you have been searching up and down the Internet exploring ideas and ways to make income online, you might be frazzled with information, claims, and hype about how to do this, that, and the other thing! Or, earn x amount much money in 12.2 seconds flat! Lets get realistic about this, and lets take a simplified look at this whole thing. There are no push button systems, or magic bullets, only hard work and determination to set yourself for emotional freedom by means of financial abundance.

The two key aspects of creating abundance and online success are Personal Development, and Marketing Knowledge:

The power of the Internet simply is in its multiplication of information for everyone’s benefit. It is our human nature to constantly be on the lookout for new stimulus and knowledge and communicate it. Our brains are sponges for learning information! You wont see any Baboons reading this article now, will you! It is purely human nature to want information in whatever why we can get it. All information comes to us raw, meaning that we use one of our sensory inputs to feed information to our brain for processing. There is no shortage of information on the Internet, and from an absolute point of view, you can do or make whatever you need to by means or use of information gained from the Internet, but few people and NO Baboons master enough skill or leverage its power and put the pieces together successfully and attract wealth from it. Why is it so difficult to gain financial abundance on the Internet? The same reason it is in the real world. The net result of your success is directly proportional to the vibrational energy and effort you put out into the world either online or offline. The sheer amount of information available online for how to do this, that, and the other thing floods our brains like a sponge that can only absorb a fixed amount of water. We soon become so overwhelmed and just give up with a massive about of information overload and no direction for success. There really are only two basic ideas to present here to help simplify and increase your odds to overcome this avalanche of information and manifest your own wealth secret.

Personal Development:

Chances are high that you are doing exactly what you did yesterday and the day before that, and last month and last year. And now all of the sudden, because of the Internet and all of the claims to financial and emotional freedom that are out there, you see a fit for your aspirations to be independently wealthy. Well, think of it this way. Nothing is going to change in your life, with the possible exception of getting laid off due to the poor economy, until you make some changes inside of your own thinking about yourself and your financial aspirations! Attracting wealth and creating abundance for your life is independent of every system ever created to make money online, and solely a personal quality that is within you. There are a million different systems on the Internet that supposedly will make you financial abundant and independent. All of those systems “for sale” are actually the result of someone’s else hard work and creative process of making the system in the first place. Also, those expensive systems are not in themselves flawed, they do work, but the missing ingredient for making them work for you is actually inside of you, and your own creative process. This is why personal development is a key ingredient for your ability to make whatever system you want to work for you, work. Personal development is often not regarded and overlooked as a part of a system, but it truth, it is a part of every system on the Internet to make you wealthy. In order for you to succeed and attract abundance into your life, make personal development a priority over the “how to systems” on the Internet which promise you the world in exchange for your hard earned money.

Marketing Knowledge:

This is also key for attracting wealth. Most people who are trying to start off or create a business online fail to understand what a market is in the first place. We are born consumers. We innately have needs and we justify that need through some sort of quest or action to fulfill that need. We never lose this instinct to meet our needs, and so we are always consumers of our needs. In this day and age of the Internet, information is as much of a need as food is. So the problem with many people trying to make money online is they have a need for a lot of information but little marketing knowledge or know how to put together a business online. And there are tons of marketeers out there willing and able to sell you every kind of system to you to convince you that their system is something you need. What you need is personal development, and marketing knowledge, both are free. Marketing knowledge begins with knowing what other people need, and then figuring out how to deliver the information they are seeking to them and charge the hell out of them for it! It’s getting out of the consumer mode, and into a marketeers mode. This is a hard shift for most people to make because it’s not our natural instinct, but more of a business instinct and learned process. Figure out what other people problems and needs are and then deliver a solution to them. This is marketing knowledge 101, and a key ingredient for your success and ability to attract unlimited abundance into your life.

In summary, creating your financial independence and freedom is a process which takes deliberate effort, time, and work. The Internet can be viewed as a tool and source for information rather then some sort of automatic money making ATM machine. Success is mostly about personal development and learning marketing knowledge which translates into business knowledge. We are consumers instinctively, so we have to shift our thinking into marketing knowledge if we plan for financial abundance to be gained by means of using the Internet. Mastering these two elements will enable you to begin creating information to sell, leadership that people respect, an inspired personal character that influences others beyond your imagination, and unlimited personal abundance for your life. Allow and learn these two keys making them foremost in your online quest for attracting wealth.

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