Aluminum Cans Recycling Business Ideas – Partnering With Local Businesses (By Luthando)

A few months ago I ran into a man who had one of the most unique aluminum cans recycling business ideas I’ve seen. Instead of going around and collecting cans from individuals he focused on working with large companies and schools. His plan has brought him thousands of dollars per week, with very little work.

His start up cost was limited to simply buying a few recycling bins. He then went around to different companies and schools in his area who had vending machines. After getting permission from them to place his bins next to their vending machines, all he had to do was go by once a week, pick up the cans and take them to the recycling center.

There were many aspects of this business that worked well for him. First of all, he was able to work only hours that were convenient to him. He had several other businesses going at the same time, so flexibility was a must. He was also providing a valuable service to these companies, as he was getting rid of their waste for free. Of course it’s also an idea that is great for the environment as well.

Often times finding the right business to work for you is simply a matter of thinking of needs others that have that you can easily fulfill. His aluminum cans recycling business has taken off and he’s making enough money that he’s been able to focus his time on other ventures that are more interesting to him without having to worry so much about how much money they will bring in right away.


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