How Tennis Coaches Can Automate Their Programs (By Luthando)

In this article, I’m going to show tennis coaches how they can automate and then scale their coaching program.

I hope the month is going well for you and your program.

I want to say this again.

If you don’t have enough students, then spend more of your time on sales activities.

Before you can implement these tips here today, that I am going to give you.

“You have to build up your private coaches program by, filling up your pipeline with tons of prospects and then leveraging your relationships with them, get them to join and grow your program through referrals and word of mouth.”

Okay, let’s talk about the next step for your private coaching program.

How do you scale and then automate your program?

Through paid membership sites and webinars.

You can and should outsource these activities and events, so you can focus on your strength and let others handle the rest for you.

Start by collecting all the data from your students and then send them free information, that can help them play better tennis.

I wouldn’t sell them anything on the front-end of this funnel, just give as much great information away as you can, then you can cash in on the back-end of it.

After you have spoil them for a few months, start making your offers.

Make sure they are great offers too, at the right time and to the right students.

I’m talking paid memberships, affiliate products, online private coaching programs and many other things.

I love membership sites myself, because you can actually make 1 million$ with just 1 membership site, if you set it up in the right way!

And you can do that by sitting on your butt at home, which makes it even more better.

The idea here is simple.

Stop trading time for dollars as you get older as a coach and start trading dollars for your products.

That means that you should have an eBook, books and DVDs.

For now, get your cash flow up to 6 figures as soon as you can.

Then focus on re-investing that money into your whole business and put it all on automation from there.

“That should be the business blueprint for all tennis coaches or coaches that are reading this post.”

With the internet.

You can actually have a private coaching program making 1 million, without any walls!

Yes, I mean that and I have seen it with my own eyes!!

I’m in the process now of trying to do it with my business.

Okay guys, let’s stop there today and I will talk to you guys next month.

Be GREAT guys!


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