One Man Fishing Boat – 2 of the Best Fishing Boats For One Angler (By Luthando)

For anyone who enjoys the solitude of fishing one man fishing boats provide access to not only more fishing areas, but also more solitude. These fishing boats are a wonderful addition to any serious anglers fishing arsenal. In this article I will outline 2 of the best boats for one angler along with some of their features and benefits.

I’ve personally use (and continue to use) both of these types of one man fishing boats, so this information comes from real world experience. The most important thing to remember about any one man fishing boat is who makes it. It is very important to make a purchase from a manufacturer who makes quality products. So, how do you know that the boat you are looking at is a quality boat?

A maker of quality one man boats will stand behind their boats with things like money back guarantees, free trial periods, free or discounted shipping options, and seasonal sales to help you save money. The bottom line is that a quality manufacturer makes these kinds of offers because they know that you will be happy with the quality and performance of their one man boats.

These boats are being listed in no particular order. In the final analysis, the style of fishing that is enjoyed most is the biggest factor in choosing which boat is right for which fisherman.

  1. The Paddleski Catamaran – This one man boat actually carries two people comfortably, but is absolutely perfect for one person. This versatile one man boat can be rowed, paddled, motored, or even sailed! This boat is perfect for fishing in lake, pond, or river situations. Whether you enjoy fishing for largemouth in your favorite lake or fishing for trout in a mountain river, this one man fishing boat is perfect. This boat is constructed from 1000 denier hull material that can stand up to incredible punishment. The Paddleski is an excellent one on boat.
  2. Fameless Pontoon Boat – This one man boat provides the individual angler a rugged, lightweight, super portable weapon to catch fish almost anywhere. This boat is best employed while fishing in lakes, but can be used for river fishing as well, especially if fly fishing is enjoyed. This one man fishing boat is amazingly portable, weighing in at just over 40 pounds. In many ways this is the perfect personal boat for an individual angler.

The bottom line is that these are 2 of the best boat choices for one angler. Both of these boats are very versatile, lightweight, and extremely convenient for one person. Using either of these one person boats opens up previously inaccessible water to the individual angler.


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