Squat Rack Old School Style Leg Workout (By Luthando)

Let us go back in time to see how bodybuilders, powerlifters and other power athletes used to build their lower body strength. But before that let’s make some things clear. A leg workout is the down level basis of every road to building strength. Whether you want to play tennis or squat with some monster weight on a powerlifting meet, you need to consider your leg workout seriously, and preferably use a squat rack as an essential construction for developing leg power, but we will talk more about that later.

The only leg exercise equipment weapon that athletes used in the past are plain and simple squat stands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that using two metal polls with “J” hooks is bad or anything. I’m just saying you can have a much better solution for your training than the one in the old days. Although a squat stand is still a good solution, it does not provide one very important detail – safety.

Squat rack, although used in the past, was not that common piece of equipment in the gym until the last two decades, when all other sports started to pay more attention on weight training. More and more money was thrown into the ring which as a result gave very good training machines. Today we are witnessing so advanced equipment that ordinary person if thrown in the gym would never figure out how they work. But complicated and advanced doesn’t always mean that you can benefit somehow from it. In my humble opinion, it is always good not to over complicate things and return to old school style basics. A barbell, set of weight plates, and a squat rack is everything you need for a powerful lower body killer workout. There is no need for all that advance hype. Returning to essential way of power development is enough.

But what exactly is the thing that makes squat racks stand out from the crowd? Well, first of all, let’s say that squat is always the number one leg exercise regardless of the goals you are trying to achieve. But to truly harness the power of the squat you need to perform it using a squat rack. When performing squat, there is always a chance to slip and fall down with the barbell. Injured knee, leg or spine is just some of the potential problems that can occur. Since squat rack has side catchers to hold the weight if for some reason you lose balance and start falling, injury free workout is guaranteed. Also, your brain won’t have anything to fear. Since fear can be a great blocker when it comes to giving your best, such insurance and fear relief that you get with the rack can make a difference between 90% and a 100% useful leg workout. Not a lot of people know this, not even some experienced lifters. But squat racks do make things easier for your brain and therefore lets you focus on what matters the most – proper exercise execution and technique.

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