Tom Challan Review – Who Is This MLM Guru Superstar? (By Luthando)

Tom Challan is one of the top MLM recruiters with his one of a kind closing style. He is also affiliated with another highly specialized business professional Dani Johnson. He has been able to sponsor… are you ready for this?… over 500 people in one year only working 20 hours per week!

Most of his “working” time is dedicated to his own business that is designed to help network marketers and home business entrepreneurs. Tom’s company is called Earn Pro Leads.

He also shares a weekly call where he dials leads LIVE on the phone for you to hear for free. It is named OJT (On the Job Training) and he aims to help people who are in the MLM, network marketing and home based business industry. Quite remarkable.

What does Tom Challan teach people to be successful?

Over his many years of experience and extensive knowledge Tom Challan has created 3 main focuses in his training, they are



and outsourcing

In the not so recent past, Tom did a world class prospecting and closing class for Dani Johnson. Each class was priced at $297 and ran over a period of 4 weeks. The classes featured top notch role playing, prospecting and closing with Tom himself. People who attended also received personal correction and mentorship. That is some priceless value.

What makes his techniques so powerful?

He uses a one of a kind closing approach that is relationship based, by using questions to get to know the core needs of the prospect before you present the benefits of your business. This allows you to fit your business into your prospects needs like a puzzle.

So by adapting the style of his communication to someone based on their personality type he is able to create a powerful rapport. You can get an idea of how impactful this is without being closed by him personally.

There are many approaches to growing a network marketing company, but Tom Challan’s actual approach to building a business is completely one of a kind in the world of multi level marketing. The only income producing activity he engages in is prospecting and closing. He uses outsourcing for all the rest so he can spend a small amount of hours and little hassle in his business.

Rather than do what most people do by trying to explain what someone should do to reach their goals, the way Tom operates or shall I say, presents himself is with an attitude of ‘do what I do’. This captures people attention and has them listen in to him over the phone.

This is the exact approach that allowed Tom to sponsor 30-50 people a month consistently and grow an organization from nothing to over 20,000 distributors in less than one year, doing it all part time. This achievement is truly astonishing and one to learn from.

ALL he does is recruit, and leads others to recruit by example. Literally!

Tom Challan Review – Is Tom the real deal?

Still to this day Mr. Challan has endless testimonials that sprout up from all over on nearly a daily basis that show proof of the power of using a personalized recruiting focus. Tom is one of the few true leaders in the Home Business industry. Whats more important is that Tom can really help you achieve the results you want while having a life and avoiding the most dreadful headaches of the trade.

However if you use his methods this may be an important piece of advise for you…

The specific way Tom recommends building your business is doing a majority of your recruiting from purchased leads.

Now, while this is extraordinarily effective and can make you as much money as you want, (as proven by Tom), it can still be very frustrating and expensive, because the truth of the matter is that you can call 1000 leads over the course of weeks of months and still not recruit a single member into your organization. Even with high quality HOT leads it still takes a great deal of training and skill. Do not let this get you off track you though, it is normal. So be abnormal.

The frustration does not come from not signing people up, well sure it can, but the death blow is that you are paying money for these leads with no sales.

Here is the #1 trick you can lean…

If you are going to use Tom Challan’s recruiting techniques, then it is critical to the brand new network marketer to also understand how to create your own leads for very little price, or even free. By simply taking an extra 3-6 hours per week to create your own lead flow, you can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and frustration.

Can I ask you a quick question?

Would you rather talk to leads who are wanting to join the MLM business you are in?

When you learn to generate your own leads you can apply Toms techniques with a much higher closing ratio because these people are ready with credit cards in hand, they just haven’t talked to the right person yet.

How do you generate your own network marketing leads?

There are almost countless ways to create your own leads, I recommend you learn about something called ‘Attraction Marketing’ or find an expert who has already created the results you are seeking. You’ll be glad you did! The good news is that there are tons of leaders who have mastered attraction marketing and are taking people just like you under their wing.


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