What Makes a Good SEO Blogging Software (By Luthando)

SEO Blogging software? So what makes a good SEO blogging software? What are some of the qualities of a good SEO blogging software?

A good SEO blogging software is the key to making money through blogging.

Let me first define what the meaning of SEO is – Search Engine Optimization. In layman’s term, it simply means to optimize your website and to make it search engine friendly. A website that the search engine crawler would love to crawl and to index it.

SEO blogging software is a software that allows you to blog easily and makes your blog or blog entries very search engine friendly. All those free to use blogging software available to the masses have already meet the basic criteria of being search engine friendly. Examples of those software would be popular ones like Blogger, WordPress, Xanga, LiveJournal.

WordPress is one of the more highly popular ones because there are a lot of free themes available for you to customize the look of your blog and it’s also one of my favourite blogging software to use. If money is not an issue, it is highly recommended to sign up for a hosting account to host your own wordpress blog. A self hosted blog allows you to do even more things like adding AdSense which the free one does not allow, earning you free advertising dollars.

The criteria to look out for would be the title, metadatas and the urls. Those are the qualities that a search engine would look out for to determine what is your blog all about.

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