Four Sure-Fire Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than Selling Your Own Products at ClickBank (By Luthando)

ClickBank is one of the world’s most popular affiliate sites, offering many thousands of quality products generating relatively easy money for product owners and affiliates.

With commissions as high at 75 percent, the vast majority of ClickBank products generate higher earnings for affiliates than actual product owners.

Which leads many people to ask: “Why bother creating your own products when you can earn more as an affiliate?”, to which all successful affiliates will reply:

* It takes weeks/months/years to create your own products; it takes just minutes to find and begin promoting a hugely profitable affiliate product.

* The creator is never really sure his product will make money commensurate with whatever time, investment and energy that person spends bringing his product to market. Conversely, affiliates can check ClickBank statistics and seconds later be all but certain that a product will sell and attract high commissions, with few refunds. You find this information in the statistics accompanying product titles within ClickBank’s main marketplace.

* Affiliates can move quickly between products, as markets and trends change, for example, and it’s very easy to promote literally hundreds of different products concurrently. Product creators, on the other hand, generally take months to add new products to ClickBank, they’re never sure those products will sell, and they face high competition from other creators of similar products.

* Creators must forever be dreaming up new product ideas and seeking gaps in the market at Clickbank and hoping their potential product will reach the market before a similar competing product. The first product to fill an obvious gap in the market will attract heavy interest from affiliates and could lead to early market saturation and slim pickings for subsequent rival creations.

So you see, it’s usually best to begin promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate, from which to learn about marketing, and use that experience to create and promote your own unique products later.


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