Generate Free Energy Using Very Simple Components (By Luthando)

What are free power generating devices? How on earth can anyone produce free usable electricity? Can anyone without the expertise of electrical and electronic engineering manage to produce free electricity? The one word to all the above questions is – YES!

Using some simple electronic parts, one can produce free electricity from the abundant resources around you like the TV and Radio signals. These signals in the atmosphere around you basically are carriers of electromagnetic waves and are primarily used to transmit communications – Audio, Video and the likes. Having said so, is it truly possible to generate electricity entirely Free. Yes and No. Yes, as one can produce the energy free. And No, as one needs to chip in a few dollars towards the initial set-up cost. So how much does it actually cost? Ideally this could cost a hundred dollars or a little more than that. And the real fun is after having installed and commissioned this device. You will love it as its your own creation. You will have built it with your own hands!

Such free electricity generating systems have been designed and assembled as prototypes by green energy enthusiasts around the world for over a 100 years now. A lot of research and development is going on. Most of these methods have been studied further, improved upon, tried and tested, and time and again they have proven not only to be reliable but efficient too.

These devices are so simple in design that anyone without the know-how of electronics can easily start assembling these tiny little electric and electronics parts to come up with a finished product that can aptly be called as the free energy generator.

Free energy generators work on various principles. Some devices are designed to generate electricity from the electromagnetic waves or in simple words from the TV and Radio signals. Some other devices use the radiations in the atmosphere around us like the cosmic and solar radiations.

One can enjoy absolutely free energy or free usable electricity to power / run your electrical and electronic gadgets. First go on to make a small free power generator – small enough to charge the battery of your mobile phone and then you can try to generate adequate power to light up some LED bulbs.

It’s always nice and wise to start with small devices. To begin with, why not try making your own device to power charge your mobile phones?


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