Get Paid Blogging – Tips on How You Can Achieve It (By Luthando)

A lot of people who are involved in online blogging today are more concerned with sharing information or their opinion on a particular subject. However, there are others who are concerned with how to get paid blogging. For the latter group of people, they have discovered several techniques to use blogs to earn additional income.

It is possible to earn substantial income from blogging contrary to what most people think. If you want to take your blogging to a business level, it is necessary for you to establish substantial reputation in a given industry and also show the requisite skills that are capable of making your intended blogging business successful. Such skills include traffic generation, establishing firm relationships as well as inbound links. Above all, you need to show successful blogging skills.

There are several ways you can earn blog income. Here are some steps on how to earn extra income blogging;

1. Select a Niche and Domain Name

It is important to pinpoint a niche or subject that has profitable prospect and select a domain name allowing your extensive research to guide you. Purchase the domain name, host it and subsequently set up a blog. This is where the work starts out for you; it is not a bed of roses when planning to earn from blogging as it applies to any other online business.

As mentioned earlier, researching a prospective profitable niche is where the work lies. There is need to find a better income generating niche in order to be successful in this online venture. Now for example, let’s assume you have researched and chosen skin care product as a prospective lucrative niche and have made up your mind to market skin care products. A likely keyword or search term that a web visitor may enter into an online search tool to look for skin care product is “Dry skin care cream”. Therefore, a suitable domain name to go with should be something like

Another thing you need to take into cognizance is the number of people that are likely to use the search term for your domain, the fee charged to advertisers to use that given search term and also the competitive nature of the search phrase. To this effect, you need to hone up your skills in researching keywords both in the normal and advanced manner.

2. Domain Name Purchase and Hosting

Still referring to our instance of domain name sited above ( as a good domain name for skin products. The issue of actually offering your own product for sale, using Google advertising, market other affiliate marketing products or other products makes no much difference at this point. You will need to confirm the availability of your chosen domain name by visiting Host Gator and using their domain name search tool. All you need to do is to enter your domain name in the search tool and hit the search domain button to start the search. You can also research other sites that offer domain search services.

The above are the first initial steps towards making money blogging, there are several other steps following the above tips.


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