Want to Make More Money with Google Adsense? (By Luthando)

You want to make money online so you set up a site and add a few affiliate links in it. But wait, you also read online that almost everyone who has a website are having Google AdSense ads on it. It sounds so good because when ever someone clicks on the ads, you get paid for it. Now, how easy is that for earning money online.

So you sign up with Google AdSense and then you place the code that they give you and hope to make some excellent money.

So what are the Google AdSense success secrets that other successful webmasters use to make some great money with their website?

Placing the Google AdSense ad in the right spot of the page is crucial to how much money you will make. It is very important that you place the ad above the fold (at the top of the page) on your website in order to get the most clicks. It is called a high click through rate.

What this means is that you will want to place the ad high enough on the page so that your visitors do not have to scroll down to see the Google ad.

By placing the Google AdSense ad above the fold, there is a greater chance that people will click on the ad. The reason for this is because the majority of your visitors will not scroll down the page and look at it. A lot of the time, people look over the top part of the page without worrying about scrolling down. If you place the ad higher, you have a better chance to get clicks from your visitors.

The way you blend the ad with the rest of your page can determine if the ad is visually appealing or not. It is very important to make the Google AdSense ads look like your site and not another ad. You can do this by making the font and color of the ad’s text similar to the rest of the page. I also recommend that you blend the background of the ad with the background of your page. It should basically have the same color.

Google gives you the option to go into your account and customize your ads in different fonts and colors. This will help you blend the ad to your site. Make sure that you don’t use the banner ads on your site because this will decrease your click through rate.

Placing banners and picture ads on your site may seem more appealing and much more professional, but this will make people avoid those ads and look for something else on your site or worse, they may leave and never come back.

Doing the above recommendation can make the difference between success and failure with Google AdSense. If you sit down and do all of these suggestions that are listed above and generate a good amount of traffic to your website, having success with Google AdSense should not be and will not be a big problem for you.

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