Bad News For Network Marketing (By Luthando)

With the explosive hyper growth of the internet, information that used to take days and weeks to reach people researching companies takes a matter of seconds. If the MLM Company changes its comp plan or there is any slander (true or untrue) the masses will have access to that information just by stumbling upon a website.

Why Prospects Never Get Started

This is why a large percentage of new potential reps never get started, they see a negative article or a website which most of the time is not true and you’ve lost them, or you will have to explain why the claims are false and it’s just part of the natural order of things in our industry, it’s true, but the brand new person who is coming from a typical 9-5 background will be easily put off.

The Internet Friend Or foe?

I have seen top leaders jump ship from other MLM companies and videos are published all over YouTube, people see this and companies suffer from it, reps who were earning a good residual income looking forward to retirement etc lose their income overnight.The internet is like a double edged sword for MLM companies, but it’s not all doom and gloom. There is away were you can protect yourself if anything was to happen to your company. Even if you lose your entire down line money is still coming in from multiple sources. There are systems and tactics in place that makes you sleep that much better at night.


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