Lotto And Intuition (By Luthando)

Did you know that intuition can be used to play lotto successfully? The ability to correctly anticipate what numbers will be drawn next time, is going to give you a palpable advantage in your competition with millions of other lotto players. My mother had this ability remarkably developed. I am not sure that 50 years ago, into communist country, she even knew that it is called intuition. But I remember well that day when she said:” I am going to buy a ticket lotto with my five numbers I have dreamed “. She bought and she won the second lotto prize.

Intuition exists and everyone has it. In fact, we use the intuition in every occasion without thinking about it. The ability to use your intuition to get information, to communicate, to make decisions and to anticipate the future events, is the real secret to excellent success.The science has yet to identify how or why it works, but meanwhile, we need only to know that it does work. When you have to confront with a hard problem, use your intuition, not only your logic.

I always say, if everything and anything does not look and feel fair and correct, do not play lotto in that day. This is a sign that, if you buy a ticket, you will lose. Stop this mental struggle. Intuition is one of the universal forces and it, never will hurt us. Listen to its voice and you will have only benefits. Do you know what happens when you look for a quick lotto jackpot? Simply, you are separating yourself from your ability of winning any cash from the lottery. When you look for a fast solution, it means that you make the opposite to a natural law.

Use your intuition in order to follow the lotto money. Here, you have two simple, but very effective techniques to use your intuition in lottery.The first technique is to decide to have a dream about a lotto number. Then decide that the interpretation of the dream will reveal the answer. Then you should decide to awaken at the very end of the dream, remember it and write it down. Now your dream is ready for the interpretation. Do the same for yet five nights, for the rest of the five numbers, every night, one number.

The second technique is fun and effective. Spend one minute to ask if this number is lucky or not. Say it, you feel that the number nine, is a lucky number for you, but somehow you are not sure. Spend one minute prior to going in bed, to ask the universe for the answer. Spend one minute when you awaken to get the answer. The answer will be your immediate feeling and the first your thought.


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