Make Money Online – Blueprint to CPA Affiliate Marketing Riches for Beginners (By Luthando)

If you want to make money online affiliate marketing can make you rich if you pick the right niche. CPA affiliate marketing is probably the most easiest and lucrative markets to promote. CPA (Cost Per Action) is a lot easier than traditional affiliate marketing. In traditional marketing the biggest pit-fall was trying to convince some one to buy a $30 product. However most CPA offers only require you to collect a name and email. Now this sounds easy right?

How do you make money with CPA affiliate marketing?

You are paid when the person you referred leaves their name or email. Most CPA networks pay around $1 per action. However some may even pay as much as $100 per action. What I like about CPA marketing is that you don’t have to hard-sell your leads. Most people are already pre-qualified before they enter the advertisers landing page. Also people love things that are free, which makes your conversion rate double the level of traditional marketing. I know your thinking, “how do I get started?”

How do I get started with affiliate marketing?

To get started you first must join a CPA network. A CPA network is a market place that introduces publishers to advertisers. Your job as a publisher will be to refer potential leads to the advertisers landing page. A lot of people tell horror stories about getting accepted to CPA networks. The first question a lot of people ask is, “is it hard to get into a CPA network?”

It is really not that hard to get accepted into one of these networks. The two that I recommend first are Maxbounty and Peerfly, these two are easy for beginners to get started. The main reason I like them is you don’t really need a website to promote their offers. You can use what is called direct linking! I really love direct linking. All you have to do is write an article, post it to places like Squidoo with a link referring them to your advertisers landing page. If you’re going to use this technique, it is imperative that you create a powerful article that describes the offer and how they can receive the offer. I know what your next question is, “how hard is CPA affiliate marketing, truthfully?”

I won’t lie. This type of marketing is competitive! However you will just need to tap into some free traffic sources to continually drive targeted traffic to your offers! You don’t want to use PPC if you’re new. There are a lot of traffic websites online that will help you find free traffic to drive to your affiliate marketing offers, good luck!


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