The Four Kings of Zodiac – Astrology Predictions 2010 (By Luthando)

In the realm of Zodiac, there are four ethnic groups of people: The Earth People, the Air People, the Water People, and the Fire People. Long ago it was decided that each of them should choose a king and the four kings would represent their ethnic groups as members of the High Council. For all of Zodiac’s peoples, the High Council would settle on what was best for them. The people of Zodiac approved to let the beloved members of royals to make a decision for themselves, which would be converted into kings and which would not.

The Earth People are realistic diligent people who feel affection for others in a fairly reasonable way. They work relentlessly to ensure that their treasured ones get the rations, clothes, housing, and money that they require to live a sensibly worriless life. They accept as true that God helps those who help themselves. They would more readily train a starving man how to fish and hunt, than to merely give him a free meal. Generally, they are not fond of pushing their noses into other people’s affairs and they do not welcome others instructing them what they should do.

As Capricorn learnt that a king of the Earth People would be selected, he thought that the selection should be made swiftly and rationally. He set off to come across the other two members of Earth royals so they could resolve collectively which of them is supposed to represent the ethnic group of Earth People.
Capricorn before long stumbled on his brother Virgo working hard. “Hello brother! Do you know? Each ethnic group is electing a king to represent them in the High Council. I considered we would go jointly to meet Taurus and among us, we would settle on which of us is supposed to be the leader of the Earth People.” To this Virgo replied, “I’m actually pretty busy at the moment and I’ve got a lot of work to do. The people want me here lending a hand to control the work crews and to ensure that things are completed properly. You go ahead and speak to Taurus and find out what he feels. I have confidence in you to make a decision without my presence.” After they shook hands, Capricorn went away to locate Taurus.

It did not require a long time to locate Taurus. He was relaxing happily in a meadow of flowers with a half consumed picnic basket adjacent to him. Capricorn inquired from his brother Taurus how he thought about being King of the Earth People. Taurus pondered over this for a quite long time before replying, “You see I love the people of my ethnic group and I willingly endeavor to assist them and to look after them. But I do enjoy my time off as well. I believe that I would be unhappy if I had to continually journey to and from the conferences and you are aware of how slow I can be to accept new ideas. I suppose that I would make an excellent King, but I do not assume that I would like the politics of becoming a member of the High Council. Therefore why don’t you carry out this? You are an instinctive leader in any case and you have certainly worked vigorously and obtained the title. I depend on you to represent us with honor and nobility.”

Capricorn was more than eager to match up his brothers. He had on the sly wished that both of them would say the same thing as they had said, since he truly did desire to get the honor of becoming King of the Earth People. Nothing would be more pleasurable to him than to be able to work for his people in such a significant role. As he went away to the High Council assembly to meet the other kings, he reflected and practiced with himself in order that at the time of being officially crowned king, he would not make a fool of himself by emerging undeserving of such nobility.

The Air People are societal contented people who are fond of laughing. They are thinkers who like to convey thoughts important and trivial. They have a preference to earn their livelihood with their minds rather than doing manual labor. It is not due to their laziness; they simply have so much taking place within their heads that is busting to emerge. They dwell in a world of dreams, principles, and mental power. They are very happy to put forward their views to someone who is not quite certain what to think about a particular situation. They are so keen to communicate their thoughts that they now and then cannot bite their tongues. However, they have their hearts in the right place and they have good intentions. They live by the principle “live and let live” although they are a little too prejudiced sometimes.

As soon as Libra got the information that someone was to be chosen King of the Air People, she was divided between two thoughts. She would like to be the King but she also desired to be fair-minded and allow the others to make a contribution in the subject. Consequently, she rushed to find out her siblings in order to know about their views.

Libra found her sister Gemini and her brother Aquarius smiling and humorously taunting each other. She asked, “Who among us should become King of the Air People?” Her brother Aquarius drew attention to the fact that he was an excellent team player and hence he should be the King of the Air People. Gemini asserted that she was a better diplomat and consequently she will be crowned King of the Air People. The two started to debate earnestly. Libra found herself in the function of arbitrator. She measured up both of them and disliked to see them quarrel. After a whole day of arbitrating their disputes and assisting them to perceive that each had a justifiable point, she could abruptly find her own function in things. She indicated to her siblings that she should become King since she is best capable of seeing both sides of a dispute and helping people draw together through arbitration and justice. She also mentioned that others may be annoyed by Aquarius’s maverick and unconventional views and Gemini’s fast-changing attitudes. “The other people simply may not be connected with either of you.” They both concurred that other people misinterpret them very often and that it is better to select Libra as their representative to the High Council.

Even though she thought that she was the best fit for the function of King of the Air People, she was anxious and uncertain of her aptitude to lead. She hoped she was allowed to have one of her siblings with her so that they were able to co-rule over the Air People, but both of them assured her that if she ever could do with their advice or their services, all she needed to do was ask. With their assurances securely placed in her heart, Libra headed off to see the other kings at the initial assembly of the High Council.

The Water People are perceptive, emotive, instinctive, and consequently quite temperamental. They are at ease with altering moods and they do not need that life should be all joyful and sunlight all the time. A lot of them possess mystical gifts and are able to “read” each other with no necessity for verbal communication. They realize how things work, since they are able to “feel” when something is true or false. They have faith in their gut feelings and anticipate others to appreciate their feelings in any particular situation. They are swift to help needy people and they are proud of themselves for being sympathetic, kind, and profoundly sensual people.

When Cancer learnt that it was time to elect to choose the King of the Water People, she started to be anxious. Which of them was most suitable for the job? She recognized that she was of course fostering and loving, but people frequently got annoyed with her for giving them orders and telling them what to do. She was not to blame that people habitually were not able to look after themselves and required someone to care for them. Yet someone must lead them and she simply was not certain who. She arranged a meeting with her brother Scorpio and her sister Pisces.

Scorpio right away took control of the situation. “I am the apt King of the Water People. I am mighty and the others already regard me as a great fighter.” Pisces hated him in secret for being so haughty, but she did not say anything. In its place, she entwined “mystery” and “secrets” on all sides of him so that he always had to look for the truth and speculate who he could trust. She grinned to herself recognizing that her magic spell would at all times compel him to stay modest. He could never be very influential and bigheaded if he was never pretty sure who he could and could not trust.

Cancer thought that she was more motherly and consequently more worried about the wellbeing of the Water People, but she also acknowledged that Scorpio was better capable of fighting for their requirements. She decided to hang around and to take care of the desires of the Water People. She would inform him every day about precisely what the Water People wanted and what he could do about it. Scorpio simply rolled his eyes at her and permitted her to consider that he really required her advice. He then went away to get his place among the Kings of the Zodiac. The High Council could not begin exclusive of him.
The Fire People are ardent, feral, and intrepid. They are readily tired of something and have to perceive that life is more than merely job, school, and household tasks. They like to contend, to defy, and to motivate others. They are always famished, animated, and lusting for something additional to the melancholy of daily life. They have faith in declarations like, “Life is a party and it is meant to be enjoyed.” And, “Life is a game that is meant to be played hard and won victoriously.” Fire People exist to be joyful and do not say sorry for it.

While Sagittarius was on foot down the road, he speculated about which of them should be King of the Fire People. In a little while, he came across his brothers Leo and Aries, both were in a hit down draw out battle over which is the one supposed to be real King of the Fire People. Sagittarius had to stay there and move up and down his head. Will these two by no means realize?

Leo stated, “I’m the king! I’ve lavishness, resources, and I understand more about how to pamper our people and make them cheerful. They will adore me as their monarch!”

Aries replied, “You bigheaded fool! I’m the King of the Fire People! I was the initial-born and I’m more original and more of a innovator than you. I’m at all times the first to get new thoughts, the first to attempt new things, and the first to guide us into a new age. Never are you the first to do something!”
When the two disputed and clashed, Sagittarius interrupted, “You both are brave fighters and very able to lead our people. For my part, I will go to travel quite a while and although I believe I’m more sensible and more knowledgeable than the two of you put together, I would much more willingly carry on traveling. I’m more at ease in the role of learner and educator than I am as leader. So you two work it out, I will tell you when I retrieve from my movements. I’ll carry each of you a memento.”

While Sagittarius carried on along his voyage, he had a meeting with Capricorn, Libra, and Scorpio who were headed for the first High Council assembly. They inquired from him whether he was the Fire King and he responded, “No, I’m going out of town. I’ve bequeathed my brothers to work it out between them. You will come across them just up the street fighting each other over who should become the King of the Fire People. I wish best of luck to all of you!”

When Capricorn, Libra, and Scorpio came across Leo and Aries, it was exactly as Sagittarius had told. Capricorn attempted to persuade the two to fall into place and act like Kings. He considered they were both being very amateurish. Scorpio intimidated to hack into the fight and flog both of them in case they fail to arrive at some kind of an accord between them. Libra made an effort to intervene. None of them would bow before the other.

Libra had a liking for Aries and expected to marry him one day before long. Aries had the same feeling about her. At length, Libra said to Aries, “I will allow you to go in my place if you will give your word to represent the Air People and not be disloyal to us.” Aries acceded and assured in secret to let Libra co-rule with him. She had faith in him and he understood not to disturb her trust for the reason that if he ever lost her faith, she would seize her legitimate position as King of the Air People and then he would need to stand down from the throne. (Yes, they did finally get married and live contentedly ever after.)


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