ViralURL Review – How to Use ViralURL to Get Exclusive Home Based Business Leads (By Luthando)

ViralUrl was created by Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer. It is free to join and you can use it to cloak your affiliate links. This program is highly recommended if you have an affiliate link. ViralUrl offers a great list building tool that you can use to generate exclusive home-based business leads.

You might be brand new to online marketing and might not know that there are people out there who can rob you of affiliate commissions by altering the affiliate link.

Internet marketing is of course very competitive, but if caution is exercised and your marketing is strategically planned, you can have a lucrative home business experience. People who have success leave no room for error and take proper security measures with their online business.

Security is very important and a key factor in online marketing. If you don’t take the proper security measures with your business, it can cost you a lot of money. You can use link cloaking tools such as ViralURL to protect your affiliate links from being altered by other people.

Most affiliate links that prospective customers are sent to not only look convoluted but they can create many problems as well. If your customers are sent to such an affiliate link and figure out that you are advertising a product or service of a company, then they might want to just visit the company website. If your link somehow does not function property, more than likely, your customers will not spend the time to type it in the browser and they will just go to another website.

ViralUrl is not just a link cloaking tool. If you want to become a member of ViralURL and go one step further by taking the upgrade of $197, you will be able to email 3,000 random ViralUrl members every three days for a year. This service usually costs $97/month, but you will only have to pay for two month and the rest of the year is free.

I was a little skeptical about this feature at first. My experience with safe lists has been anything but good. I did some research on ViralUrl’s List building tool and found out that many people were having great results generating leads and sign ups for their affiliate programs and businesses. I also found out that the emails were being sent out differently than with safe lists.

What makes ViralURL different from most other safe lists out there is that Viralurl will show you and not ViralURL as the sender. This results in higher conversion rates since the emails appear to be coming from you, not from ViralURL. People are more likely to open up an email from you than they are from a safelist company.

The results that I have gotten with ViralUrl has been great so far. I generate between 5-10 exclusive home-based business leads when I email 3,000 random ViralUrl members every three days. I have gotten plenty of sign ups into my affiliate programs with those leads.

Now that you understand how list builders like ViralUrl work, I am very sure that you will want to become a member of ViralUrl and pay the $197 discount offer so that you can build your list and get prospects signed up into your affiliate programs and primary business. Not only will you be able to build your list and business, you will also be able to use ViralUrl to protect your affiliate links from those internet pirates.


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