A Critical Review Of Shopping Sherlock – Is It A Good Company? (By Luthando)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz being created around a network marketing company called Shopping Sherlock. So to help other people who are looking into the company, I decided to put together a short but detailed Shopping Sherlock review. Before proceeding, I want to make two quick points. First, I’m not a Shopping Sherlock distributor myself so you can be sure that you’ll be getting an unbiased perspective of the company and business opportunity. And second, the service the company provides is pretty straight forward so I won’t be spending too much time talking about it. Instead, I’ll spend more time on the compensation plan and what you’ll need to do to maximize the opportunity should you decide to join.

Who Is Shopping Sherlock?

So first things first, let’s cover the company and what they sell before we go into the compensation plan. Personally, I believe that a company’s stability and service are more important than the compensation plan. Simply put, if the company isn’t solid and the services aren’t marketable, it doesn’t matter what the pay plan looks like since the company probably won’t be around long term. So here’s the good news if you’re thinking about joining: Based on the information I’ve reviewed, it certainly looks like the company is not only solid, but growing aggressively. A few months ago, the company acquired another network marketing company called Vi-Tel Wireless, which exploded their distributor base since they were able to bring over the Vi-Tel distributors. In addition to that, the California-based company looks well positioned in front of the Global e-Commerce Industry, which just went over $1 trillion. And if that weren’t enough, the company has strong experienced leadership in place.

What Does Shopping Sherlock Do?

In a nutshell, the company gives it’s distributors the ability to give away free apps which allow the user to save time and save money when shopping online. From a marketing standpoint, giving away a free app is as simple as it gets. You don’t have to sell or convince anybody to buy anything. You simply give them an app that will look for the best deals for them when they do what they do already, which is shop online.

How Do You Make Money With Shopping Sherlock?

In order to be a distributor, you have to pay a one-time set up fee of $249, and then $34.95 monthly. The actual compensation plan provides 9 ways to earn income. Here’s a simple and quick breakdown so you get an idea of how each way works:

1. Sherlock Usage Income – When you give away the free Sherlock Apps, the company tracks all the sales made by your personal customers and pays you a commission monthly.

2. 20% Override Sherlock Usage Income – The company tracks all the sales made through all the Sherlock Apps given away by your personally sponsored distributors, and pays you a 20% override monthly.

3. Fast Start Bonus – Whenever you personally sponsor two new people who pay the $249 start up fee, the company pays you a $100 Fast Start Bonus. This bonus is paid out weekly.

4. Sales Cycle Bonus – The company has a Binary compensation plan. Whenever you have 2 new people who join your left team through infinity, and 2 new people who join your right team through infinity, the company pays you a $50 Cycle Bonus. These bonuses are paid out weekly. It’s important to note that if you’re a strong personal recruiter, you can get paid multiple bonuses from the same work. For example, let’s say you personally sponsor 2 new people on your left team, and you sponsor 2 new people on your right team. You’ll earn $200 in Fast Start Bonuses and a $50 Cycle Bonus.

5. Subscription Cycle Bonus – This bonus is similar to the Sales Cycle Bonus, except it pays $10 every time two members on your left team pay their $34.95 monthly subscription, and two members on your right team pay their $34.95 monthly subscription.

6. Team Builder Bonus – If you can hit the position of Power Affiliate within 15 days of making your first sale, the company will pay you a one-time $200 bonus. And if you can hit the position of Global Power Affiliate within your first 6 months, the company will pay you a one-time $2,000 bonus.

7. Global Check Match – Once you hit the position of Global Power Affiliate, you’ll earn a 20% Match on the Binary Commissions of everyone in your personal enrollment team down to the next Global Power or Diamond Affiliate.

8. Diamond Global Check Match – Once you hit Diamond, you’ll earn a 10%-30% match on everyone in your personal enrollment team down to the next Diamond.

9. Equity Program – Once you hit the position of Global Power Affiliate, you’ll have the ability to earn on the entire company’s revenue. And then once you hit the position of Diamond, you’ll be able to earn a bigger share of the company’s revenue.

There’s certainly an opportunity to earn income with Shopping Sherlock. Of course, if you’re truly serious about joining, I would recommend that you review the official compensation plan document on the company’s website.

What Does It Take To Succeed In Shopping Sherlock?

In closing, the company is certainly solid and there is a viable business opportunity available. It has all the ingredients to be a winner: a good management team, a marketable service, a generous compensation plan and great timing since the company is still young. With that being said, all those things will play a very little part in your overall success. Why? Because if all those things are in place, but you can’t sponsor new people or get customers, you’ll make little to no money. So in order to succeed in Shopping Sherlock (or any other network marketing company), you’re going to need marketing skills that will help you generate enough leads to sponsor a lot of people in your team. My recommendation is that you use Attraction Marketing in your business. If you can use the right marketing systems in your business, there’s no telling how prosperous your home business can be.

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