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Btbunch it's a real joke site

What do you think about BtcBunch?
A pure bulshit in promisses
Never have funds
Administrator is a joke

This site it's a real joke.

Doesn't pay to offers like Moonlix, doesn't even appears in history, minimum payment reduced from 50.000 to 10.000 and even with $0.10 doesn't have funds to pay, than it was pending and after denied. Shortlinks doesn't work and achivements are been always change. Offers 5000 to review in Trust Pilot only to have good review. Say this and say that and than change everything without notice

Dude definatly you are not a good administrator you say one thing in a day and in another you do another. Smoke less weed will be a start.

This site it's pure shit with no trust at all, that's why I don't more advertise your site to gain referrals because all of them give up because of your stupidity...and that's why I will leave the site also.

Another way to scam people it's this way, promise a pig and don't even a ham given, only have eyes to your belly...that's another way to scam lol

Go fuck yourself dude

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