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How To Make Money From BTC Bunch Tasks/Micro Jobs?

Micro Jobs are one of the highest paying activities on the BTC Bunch platform, making money from Tasks is as simple as you can ever imagine.

Tasks requires you to complete a simple action, provide proof of the job you completed and get paid instantly!

For Example: Let's assume a Micro Job is requiring you to Install & Rate BTC Bunch app, what you do is to open the app link from that task and install the app then review it.

After reviewing the app you take a screenshot of your review and send it to our Micro Jobs reviewing team using the email provided from the task you completed, they will send you a unique code.

Now go back to the BTC Bunch platform at the Micro Job's section and enter/paste the code you received on the job/task you completed. At this case you did the task of installing app you must enter/paste the code on the job/task that you completed.

Wait few minutes for the reward to be added into your account.

Take Note: All micro jobs are reviewed and approved manually by human beings, sometimes it can take a bit longer to receive the task code, kindly be patient during this process.

Ready to start making more money from tasks? Log into your BTC Bunch account and visit the "Micro Jobs" section or simply click here to start completing jobs instantly!