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Minimum Withdraw Amount



I see that there's some questions here but there's no reply from admin, I hope my questions be replied otherwise the forum makes no sense at all.

1- Why there's no Refill of balances if we make SL's admin have their return....right?

Always saying " Error! The faucet does not have sufficient funds for this transaction."

This happen everyday that I try to withdraw

2 - Why I must enter in contest to win 500 000 tokens (in Shortlinks) if the maximum per day it's 50 000? (it will take 10 days to withdraw with the minimum set at 50 000 tokens per day)

Makes no sense trying to enter in the contest if I cannot withdraw the total amount (if there's amount to withdraw and not giving "Error!")

► 3- If I see 1000 SL's 150 worth it get 150 000 tokens. Why can I only withdraw 50 000 tokens?

Sir this site could be one of the bests sites but in my opinion you are killing them.

So the solution would be to have a good balance, or a more solid balance, for withdrawals. If members who sign up are giving earnings to the site, why doesn't the site always given "Error!" when withdraw coins? A member when made the registeration on a site and "works", when that member reaches the minimum to withdraw,  that member wants to withdraw and receive for that work. These waiting times to receive simply end interest in the site or cause members to lose interest on it, I'm not saying for all members but for the majority. So advertising the site to have referrals no longer makes sense. It ends up being a snowball. This site could be very good and with a lot of billing? Yes it could... But this way it will never be. 


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