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Why Is My PayPal Withdrawal Denied?

We are very aware of the fact that some PayPal withdrawals get denied and as much as we want all our users to enjoy withdrawing through their desired withdrawal options, it is also a case we wish no one encounters but as far as we have no control over PayPal and it's restrictions, there is nothing we can do.

PayPal restricts sending/receiving funds from specific countries due to specific government's regulations. We dearly try to send PayPal transactions to all users, but due to such restrictions some users don't get the funds, so to make this clear below is the screenshot of the message that PayPal gives us which forces us to deny withdrawal.

This does not mean there is something wrong with your PayPal or BTC Bunch account, we are just being restricted by PayPal to send you the payment and we deeply apologize for that but it is beyond our control, we recommend you to opt for a different withdrawal method.

Ive tried everyday but it keeps telling me that daily withdrawal limit reached . Please help me to withdraw my tokens

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