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Why My Account Got Banned

We have noticed a huge spike of cheaters. We have been observing this for days and we can conclude that there are people who are here to bring BTC Bunch down, not to earn. People are using automated scripts to cheat Shortlinks and other parts of the platform. We have now banned over 800+ users and they will no longer be able to join/participate in any of our platforms lifetime ban.

We are also carefully monitoring users who are cheating the "Referral System" by inviting themselves. Over 1500 fake accounts have been banned with over 500 IP's restricted.

We know that not everyone is stupid here. We know there are real users who spend their daily time completing offers and playing games on BTC Bunch , we love you ❤️

Such things affects everyone, so while we still monitor each account's activity manually, we have decreased daily withdrawal back to 10,000 tokens per day. After we have cleaned and banned all fake users and cheaters, we will again increase withdrawal limits.

No one is safe, if you know that you once used a system to claim Shortlinks, or PTC ads, or you have more than one account, just know that if you are not yet banned, it won't be too long.

To everyone who have been earning fairly since joining our platform, rest assured as your accounts are absolutely safe and won't be deleted 🙂

We are not going to tolerate any cheating, at the end of the day such people are the ones who always make sure the site does not have enough funds because they use auto bots to claim. We have been tolerating this for long enough and now it's time to take action.

If your account is banned, it's because it was found cheating some parts of the platform, don't bother to contact admins. No account that is banned will be recovered, and no user banned will be able to create new accounts.


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