Rapid Weight-Loss and Rapid Income: Earn A Six-figure Income and a Healthy Lifestyle (By Luthando)

Too many of us rely on our 9 to 5 jobs for our financial stability. We rely on our jobs to provide us with the income necessary to survive. However, the error in this plan is if you lose your job, you lose every source of income you have.

To avoid this travesty, one must find a way to create several streams of income. Research has shown that five streams of income are critical to achieve the type of financial freedom required in our industry-driven society. Like a company or corporation, cash-flow determines your ability to sustain and maintain what you have. You need more cash flowing in than out. You need more assets than liabilities and debts.

Creating multiple streams of income is the answer.

Wellness Coaching is a magnificent opportunity to create 5 streams of income. Earning multiple (at least 5) streams of income is the greatest benefits of becoming a Wellness Education Coach. The other benefit is time. No more 8 to 16 hour days–in fact, you will have more free time to explore other career options, passions, areas of interests, and hobbies. As a Wellness Coach, I can vouch for this.

If you are still working 12 to 16-hour days, no offense, you are doing something wrong. You can earn several streams of income as a Wellness Coach. This article will explore some of your options. Neither option requires as much time as you think and you can incorporate them all in less than a 25-hour work week. These areas include:
Teaching Wellness Education Courses: This is lucrative and rewarding. You can teach the course in small group settings of 10-25 people.

Don’t think you can? Think again. It is almost like a club or a study group you have constructed. Find at least 10 people no more than 25 (over 25 can be overwhelming and feel like some big seminar) that would like to lose weight while learning to become a wellness education coach. Charge anywhere between $100 to $200 dollars plus course materials for the course.
Great ways to recruit students are

(1) Be the example.

(2) Provide Incentives to members/students who make referrals.

(3) Grassroots work.

(4) Local Online Directories.

(5) Create your own chat room and message board.

(6) Conventional Advertising.

(7) Start a Newsletter and expand to a small local magazine.

(8) Radio Interviews

You can earn about $4000 dollars every 6 weeks, which is about $2,600 per month (25 students x $200 =$5000 – $1000 for renting a facility for 6 weeks).

Provide Weight-loss consultations: You can earn up to $2,400 per month with this service (4 consultations x 15 days x $40 profit = $2,400). You can use the same forms of advertising you would use to recruit students for your wellness education course or you can add this component as a prerequisite to enrollment in your Wellness Education Course.

Book yourself as a Wellness Education Motivational Speaker: Decide first what topics you want to cover. Again, weight-loss is a good subject. Be sure to require pre-registration payment, no pay at the door option. ($300 x 300 guests = $90,000). Host a biannual seminar (it will take at least six months to prepare) and you can see this type of income twice a year. For many wellness education coaches, this is about all they do.
Write a book: So how can you get your voice out to the rest of the world? It’s simple, self-publish. Okay, maybe it’s not simple, but many people are doing it and reaping the rewards. Your best option is self-publishing. Here are some helpful steps:

1) Write and edit the book. Use an English major from a local college to edit your work for grammar mistakes and misspelled words. Pay him or her about $400 for their time. College students need the money.

2) Get a copyright and an ISBN number.

3) Research several print-on-demand companies or short run printers to determine what format they require for submission.

4) Contact a graphic designer (use a college student to save money) to design a book cover and spine for your book in the format accepted by the printer.

5) Contact printer and discuss in detail size of book, paper type, binding, and other helpful information such as the number of pages. Ask for samples of their work before you submit your book.

6) Submit your book to the printer of your choice. Please don’t print more than a 1,000 books unless you are for sure they are going to sell.

7) Research some book distributors on the web. Book distributors will provide a catalog listing to bookstores with your book in the catalog. They normally charge about 40% of the retail price after the book is purchased from the bookstore. This is the purpose of an ISBN number to track sales and commission.

8) If you get your book in some bookstores, send them a press kit, schedule a book signing and you are on your way.

Direct Marketing: Find some great nutritional products to market while to sell to your weight-loss clients, students enrolled in your wellness classes, and at your speaking engagements. You can earn on average $3,000 a month by requiring your customers to join an auto-ship program. This option allows you to automatically deduct payments from their credit cards through paypal.

Women’s Groups: Sending out information packages to women’s groups and clubs will get you booked as a guest speaker. You can charge your own set fees. Don’t be cheap. Cheap means low quality to many people. $500-$1500 depending on the group is reasonable. You can earn $1,000 to $3,000 a month just speaking with women’s groups and don’t forget your Direct Marketing strategy to maintain residual income.

Let’s say you take the time to put it all together–all the above strategies to earning multiple streams of income as a Wellness Education Coach. Let’s see what your income can be for one year:

Wellness Education Course $2,600 x 12 months =$31,200

Newletter/Mini-Magazine 2,000 x 12 months =$24,000

Consultations 2,000 x 12 months =$24,000

Book 12,000 Annually =$12,000

Wellness Education Motivational
Speaker 1 annual event =$90,000

Direct Marketing 3,500 x 12 months =$42,000

Women’s Groups 1,000 x 12 months =$12,000

Total Annual Income =$235,200

Average time invested is but 24 hours a week!

Now the Question is…Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to commit to the lifestyle choices required to teach and live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle? If so, I am prepared to continue with you every step of the way. You can make a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people by choosing to become a Wellness Coach. For detailed training on how to become a Wellness Coach, please visit the online course “Lose Weight While Becoming a Wellness Coach” at http://universalclass.com/i/crn/9478.htm .

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