Top Five Ways to Earn Money From the Comfort of Your Home (By Luthando)

The internet is the best place you can earn your extra income for part-time basis or full-time monthly income. There are thousands of individuals who are shifting from regular jobs to online jobs because of better compensations and wide financial growth. There’s a big difference between working from home and working from a regular office where you have a boss that stresses you. Jobs that you can work at home are very accessible and convenient to work as long as you have internet connections, personal computer, basic typing skills and English language abilities. Do you know how you can earn online without living your homes? Here are top five high earner jobs online:

Be a freelance writer

Usual jobs are writing articles and content of 250 – 500 words that pays $2 – $75 depends on what topics you concentrate. Computer related topics pay a lot better than any other topics. Let’s assume you can write 10 articles a day that pays $10 an article, you can get paid $100 working few hours a day or $3,000 a month. If you can write more than that, you can earn higher.

Be an affiliate marketer

The job is selling products that are not yours in exchange for commissions. An affiliate marketing system is reliable and legitimate revenue sharing between the product owner and the affiliate. You can promote products starting by signing up to be an affiliate, setting up a free website where you can put informative contents with recommendations of your affiliate products. After setting up a free website, you then promote your website link or scatter it online in any form of promotions. When someone purchase from your affiliate link, you receive high commissions usually 50% of the price. Let say you sold 2 products a day, you have 60 sales a month amounting to $20 each in commission or $1,200 a month. There’s no limit in number of products to promote and no limit in the income you can earn.

Get paid to be a blogger

There are plenty of individuals who are hiring people to promote their websites in a form of blogging. They pay from $1 – $25 per blog depends on the niches to serve. Example potential earnings if you write 1 blog everyday amounting to $25 each then you’ll earn $750 in a month and that’s something you only do for few hours. The income maybe limited because your clients would only ask you a specific number of blogs in a day but you can always combine blogging to other writing jobs.

Get paid to review products

This is the cheapest paying job I know in the internet but you can make huge income through working daily and increasing the numbers of reviews. There are plenty of companies who pays $0.40 – $10 per review of products (hard or soft) when approved. Every review should be original. You can write any reviews of any products you have purchased or bought then you submit it to your client. As an example, if you write 10 reviews of $2 each, you’ll earn $20 a day or $600 a month, not bad. If you continuous write per day, you’ll learn how to write more effectively and will review more products in shortest possible time.

Data entry worker

Other works like forum posting, ad placement jobs, encoding, virtual assistant, transcriber; they are categorize them as data entry jobs. You can get paid every action, per hour or per commission. My favorite is per commission payment basis because income opportunities is unlimited. There’s a catch though, the job is very repetitive yet very easy. Your can earn depending on how many hours you devote for working.

Whatever online job you want to work, it is very important to be consistent and to set hours in daily basis. You may not have any bosses to pressure you but at the same time you don’t have someone to remind you of your daily works. You have to push yourself and have discipline to meet your goals for the day.

There are more benefits of working from home that are not listed above. All I’m trying to tell you is, if you can have other ways to make money without conflicting your personal life, why not venture to it? The internet is the best place to have that great opportunity attaining financial freedom while staying at the comfort of your home and enjoying life better.


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