Free Downloads (By Luthando)

How to Make Money with Sharecash is a pay per download website where you get paid every time your files are downloaded. It is like a compensation marketing method where you get rewarded for giving out your stuff for free.

There are many such PPD sites, but Sharecash is one of the best of them all. It is easy to implement and they pay on time as at when due. Sharecash also has good payment methods and I guess that is why people love them. They pay by Payoneer, PayPal, Payza. check and Payquicker.

Yesterday I decided to scale it up because I see potential in this so I am working on the site now. I mean $1.6 is not a lot, but from a new site and just 2 clicks. That is something.

Now let me show you how this works. You will upload your files like eBook, music, video, templates, software etc to Sharecash for your visitors to download. To download the files, your visitors are required to complete a simple survey to unlock the download.

After they have completed the survey, the link to the download is available to them and you get paid for each download. The amountt you get paid depends on the survey completed so that means you get paid more than $1 for some download.

The average rate is $1 per download according to them. You get higher rate from Traffic from USA and UK. You get less for most other countries. This is why I love Sharecash. The rate is so high it beats anything AdSense has to offer.

Imagine if you have a website with 10,000 uniques daily visitors and conversion rate of lets say 1%. that is like $100 per day on average. Not bad isn’t it?

You don’t have to build a fancy website for this. You could just build a website with blogger and add the sharecash download links to your site, drive traffic to it and you get paid for each download.

Free Stuff

There are many sites out there which offer PLR and MRR products like software, eBooks, templates, videos etc. Or better still buy a good PLR package, split it up and upload it to your Sharecash account.

You can also modify a blogger or WordPress template and make it yours. Upload it and give it out for free. There are loads of stuffs you can give out and get compensation for it. Just use your imagination here.

How to Upload Your Files

Uploading your files is easy. Just use the “Upload file” link in your dashboard and your files will be uploaded. But at times it just does not work fine, showing you a messages like “Error: Invalid SID, please logout then log back in”. I had problems dealing with that yesterday but just found a way to upload my files this morning.

Driving Traffic

Get traffic to your site using forums, Facebook page, Facebook groups for free stuffs, Twitter, YouTube etc.I am in the process of driving traffic to my own sites.


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