Infinity Downline Review (By Luthando)

If you’ve been searching online for an internet business or a way you can get involved in a home based business for a very low entry, then chances are you’ve heard the buzz about Infinity Downline. In this Infinity Downline Review, I’ll go into some information about the program and whether or not it is just another internet scam.

Infinity Downline is an affiliate program that was founded by Peter Wolfing. Mr. Wolfing has been involved in the home based business industry for many years and his companies are all debt-free, which is assuring if you’re looking for a home based business with some stability.

As an affiliate you’ll have access to hours and hours of video and audio training in the backoffice. Training includes how to become proficient at internet marketing, how to properly use internet tools, how to learn Pay-Per-Click and hundreds of other topics.

What’s really exciting is the compensation plan. Thousands of members are making monthly residual incomes ranging from $25 a month to $1,500 a month and more. Here are a few highlights of Infinity Downline and why the program is growing at such a fast rate:

– Extremely low start-up of $25… Now, someone can get involved for absolutely low to no risk.
– No monthly admin fees, backoffice fees or autoship requirements like most home based businesses.
– Digital products that can be downloaded right from your backoffice.
– 100% Net Payout – You’ll make $25 a month residually for every member.
– Instant pay via Alertpay, PayPal, E-Gold, etc. – No waiting for commission checks or cash via mail.
– 98% automated with websites that explain the program, autoresponders, LIVE conference calls done 2-3 times a week, LIVE Overview & Training webinars done weekly and a host of other system tools you can leverage to build your team.
– Reverse 2-up System that’s “staggered” and allows you break even with one member.
– ID can be used as a way to build a list of targeted leads for your email marketing campaigns.
– ID is also a great “feeder” program for people who can’t afford to get into your “high-ticket” or primary business.

The only drawback is Infinity Downline doesn’t come with a lead capture page. You can make your own or for less than $13 a month, you can choose one of the lead capture pages that Infinity Lead System provides. They’re very professionally done and you can attach your own autoresponders to it, if you don’t want to use the autoresponders that they provide for you. My advice to use your own so you can own your list just in case something happens.

Just like anything else, Infinity Downline is not for everyone, but it might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a low-risk opportunity that has huge backend potential. Of course, as with any business opportunity, it’s critical that you do your research and due diligence.

Now, simply joining Infinity Downline doesn’t guarantee your success. It’s critical that you find a marketing system that will allow you to brand yourself (to separate yourself from all the other ID reps) and help you generate 25-100 leads a day. On my website, I provide free training and access to a marketing system that allows you to do this and build your business on autopilot.


 You Will Get Coupon Codes, Rewards, Daily Updates, Bonuses, And Also Get Notified When We Refill Funds.

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