Internet Marketing Guru Model Required for Successful Home Business – Myth (By Luthando)

Work from Home Business Myth #1 is you need to use an internet marketing guru’s model to be successful in a work from home business. Some of them charge $100+ per month to use their marketing model and products. You can:

• identify the appropriate home based business opportunity

• start a business

• and be ready to start making money in a day with no monetary investment. No more paying out your hard earned dollars to internet marketing gurus.

If you Google “Home Business Opportunities,” you will get at least 197 million results. How can you decide what’s right for you with so many choices? What do you really need to start a business? Harvard Business School graduate not required to figure that one out:

• a product or several that your prospects can easily preview

• payment and distribution systems

• prospects

…and you’re on your way. Your dream to own your own business really can come true, and ClickBank can facilitate making it happen for you. When I discovered ClickBank, I felt like Dorothy when she clicked together those ruby slippers and said “there’s no place like home. ” Well, there’s no place like ClickBank!

The Products

Almost any digital product imaginable can be found there, and as a ClickBank free affiliate you can sell as many different products as you like. Browse through and select a product you would buy. I purchase whatever I plan to sell to ensure the quality is satisfactory, but that is not a requirement. Have a unique product of your own? You can sell it using ClickBank – there is a modest activation fee to become a vendor.

Payment and Distribution Systems

Both are already in place for you and access to use them is free. You can accept credit cards and PayPal – no expensive merchant account is required! Because the products are digital, your customers can receive their purchases within minutes.


There’s this really neat process for you to simply recommend products you like to your Facebook contacts while signed into your free ClickBank affiliate account. You get paid for any sales that you generate from your Facebook contacts. How easy is that? Once you’ve made a few sales, it’s amazing how the creative juices start flowing on how to get more prospects.

Free Training

Don’t have a Facebook account? No worries. I’ve thoroughly investigated and effectively leveraged free information on internet marketing strategies. You will need your own website to promote products if you wish to generate a substantial income from your business. Outstanding free step-by-step training on creating your own website can be accessed at along with free video training on internet marketing.

Start Today

You can be in business today and for free – no help from internet marketing gurus required! Visit ClickBank at and get started today. By the way, they have awesome and easy to understand documentation on how to use ClickBank on the site.

Meet you over the rainbow “where dreams really do come true!”


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