Autoresponders – Automatic Email Services Compared – Research Before You Buy (By Luthando)

If you’re planning to purchase an automatic email responder service or software program – that’s good news! That means you have customers or plan to have customers and you want to organize your client base and provide an easy means to answering emails. It’s a good thing you are reading this article – because you can save yourself time and money. Don’t make the same mistakes I made – and the same mistakes a lot of others have made in purchasing the wrong autoresponder service. Fortunately you can learn from my experiences and choose the correct email autoresponder for your business. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming – so I will break it down by individual autoresponder programs. The ones I will expand on are several of the most popular autoresponder programs, services and software out today.

Before I delve into the topic further – I need to offer one important piece of advice. Don’t use a free autoresponder service. Yes it is a direct statement and you may want to go against my advice and try one for yourself. You can – go ahead. If it works out for you then that is good. But, through my personal trials, in using so many of the “best” free autoresponder programs, my sincere and serious advice is to avoid doing them at all costs. First, the features offered are very limited. And, what happened to me every single time I signed up with a free autoresponder service is that I ended up with a lot of junk mail. I kept receiving more spam from the autoresponder company and I found it very difficult to “unsubscribe” and cancel my free accounts. The other downfall, if that one isn’t bad enough – is that the autoresponder company usually places their own ads and promos in your emails. So instead of being able to promote yourself, your business and products to the utmost extent- you are promoting theirs.

Let’s say you are an eBay seller – and would like to completely automate the process of selling. If you are sick and tired of typing in “Thank You” notes and sending links to download products, then look no further. My Digital Dispatch is the way to go. It works specifically with PayPal payments. So, whether you are selling items on eBay or on a website and use PayPal as your main payment processor – you could save yourself time and money by using this software program. It’s easy to use, setup and maintain. It stores all of your client’s contact information, as well as the date of the sale and all of the details. To purchase it, there is only a one-time fee of $67.00. The price is unbeatable, considering most of the automatic email responder services out there today charge monthly fees and only allow limited number of messages. With this software you can create an Unlimited number of messages to send out. It also has a wonderful affiliate program which has a 50% payout. The affiliate link appears at the bottom of every automatic email that is sent out. If you don’t know what an affiliate program is, basically – it is when a company offers to pay you for any traffic that you deliver to their website which results in a purchase. So if someone clicks on the link in the automatic email you sent them, and they decide to sign up with My Digital Dispatch, you will receive about $33.00. This software is perfect for eBay sellers and PayPal merchants – but if you are more interested in creating subscriptions, newsletters, ezines, etc. then you will need a more advanced program.

If at all possible, my recommendation is to find a program that you can purchase through a one-time flat fee. Programs with monthly subscriptions always end up being more expensive in the long-run. They may have excellent features and services that can’t be beat, but it can be very costly. Then when you find an autoresponder program that you like better, it is extremely difficult to switch everything over and move your client information to the new program. So, you may need to spend a little in the beginning, but if you are serious about your business and you want to start it out right, then it is more than worth the investment. So, if you have an online business and you need a powerful feature-rich autoresponder program that allows you to: manage clients, create subscriber lists, send text and html newsletters and more – then Send Studio is the software program to use. The cost is a one-time flat fee of $239.00 and worth every penny. The installation is FREE and Send Studio is jam-packed with features which are easy-to-use, yet more advanced than any other service that I have tried. It also offers you the ability to re-brand the software through a simple template. Then you can allow your clients to login and create their own email marketing campaigns on their own domains. Just “create a new user” so your client can run his or her marketing campaign, rather than needing to purchase the software for each person. With a single website license purchase, you are allowed 5 different users with access.

There are several other Top-of-the-Line autoresponder programs I recommend, but they charge per-month. They are also feature-rich and easy to operate. For more information about all of these autoreponder services and programs, comparisons and full resources about autoresponders, marketing, emails, enzines, newsletters, subscriptions and more, please visit: The site is an information center all about autoresponders – also providing tips, trick and techniques to increase your sales through email marketing and mailing lists.


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