The Vitamin “M” – Yes, That Is Money! Come, Let’s Find Out What Is Lost Money (By Luthando)

We all know that money is the most important factor, for a person to survive, in the present times. There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind is people who think money is everything, and take life, more practically; the second set of people do not really value the money, as they think life is more important and they respect emotions and feelings, more than anything else. The Free lost money is nothing; it is just the cash which is found suddenly, the same cash, which was left, unnoticed for many years. It may not be just cash; it may also include property or any valuable thing.

Free Lost money is the unclaimed cash, which reaches the government, when it is left unnoticed by the people. There are rights for the people, to claim back this money from the government, if the money or asset really belonged to the individual. In case this cash reaches the government, there are chances for losing the money, as there are officers, who take undue advantage of free moneys, properties and valuable items. The best example for free lost money is, if a person having savings account in any of the unpopular banks without the knowledge of his family and friends. In case this person expires accidentally, the cash can be misused by the agents or third parties, as there will be no person left, to claim this cash. Even the family and friends are unaware of the savings being made.

All this money comes under the category of free lost money, and it is left to the government or any of the private sector, to hand over it to the concerned people; but many a times this thing doesn’t happen, and people misuse it for their own personal needs. The Free Lost Money includes the unclaimed properties and many valuable things. Approximately, it has been estimated that nine out of every ten Americans lose money, and this money sits unclaimed with the government, for the subsequent years.


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