Article Writing: How You Can Make $100 Daily From Your Home (By Luthando)

Many Internet marketers write articles to generate traffic to their websites. But if you are interested in writing articles to pay a few bills, I want to show hot to get started.

First you will need the basics, a computer, a printer and off course an Internet connection. You must be having that if you are reading this.

Second you will need to get clients. The web is always thirsting for article writers who can deliver quality content. If you are new you will need references.

Here’s what to do…

Identify a few marketers in the niche you most likely would want to write for and send them an email. Explain that you are new in Internet marketing and are looking for someone to hire you. Tell them that you want to write one article for free in exchange for their reference.

If you send out 10-20 such requests you will most probably get two or three references.

With your reference go out and look for any one ready to hire you. Most will start paying $4 per 300-500 word article. Don’t shy away from this, write a few get paid and move upscale.

Some top article writers charge $50 for one article. For you it may take some time to get there. Keep getting more work at better rates. In 90 days or so you will be able to get paid about $10 per article.

If you type with two fingers, as I used to when
I, started, learn to type faster. You may take typing classes or just get someone to help you.

Now, if you can do 10 articles in a day at the rate of $10, then you have $100 at the end of the day. The beauty is all this you are doing from the comfort of you own home. No traffic hassles, no bosses and no office politics.


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