Make Money Online Software – 3 Free Tools That Can Help You Make Money (By Luthando)

Making money online can be pretty simple, but you must follow a few simple rules before you do actually become successful at it. First and foremost you must adhere to the fact that money will not flow into your bank account overnight, so giving up your day job is not something you should be doing straight away. To add to that, if you are currently seeking employment then a few online money makers may help with a bit of cash in the meantime; and if you are one of the lucky naturals that get online revenue making right then you may not have to go back to work at all.

Here are a few simple ways of making money online:

1. You could try to join a few paid email websites, such as Inbox Dollars who pay you to open email and fill out surveys. This is not a major money spinner but can bring you a few dollars per day. The plus is that this is pretty easy work; the downside is that there is usually a minimum amount you need to make before you can get a payout. The way to be successful with this type of income is to not put all your eggs in one basket, you will need to use few paid email websites to earn a reasonable income. Most of these will offer cash rewards for being an affiliate and this is a sure way of making the difference when it comes to meeting minimum payment requirements every month as you are given a down-line income, so getting your friends involved would be a good idea. If you have a large contacts list in your inventory – use it!

2. Using contextual advertising is a great way of making money online, this is placing ad units into pages on your website which in turn should show adverts in tune to your web pages. The best way to do this is to make a website and place advert units in strategically located places on your web pages. Your website should be searchable and your topics informative think about what people like to know about and you should get plenty of visitors if you promote the website well. You can open a free website, but my advice for the search engines is to get a paid for dotcom as soon as you can, as search engine such as Google prefer a as opposed to Google has a $100 minimum payout but ad servers such as adbrite will allow you to set a minimum payout threshold of $5.

3. Paid to write is another very good way of earning an online income; some people can be very good at this and may earn six figures using services such as EzineArticles. But let’s concentrate on the easier options; walking before you can run is a very good idea. You could try writing at Associated Content or Triond who pay straight into your PayPal account. The way you earn money at these websites is by writing articles for their web pages, you get paid for page views and writing articles successfully for what they call partner calls. Partner calls are companies who need content writing for their website or publication. You can become a great success earning hundreds per month if you write to niche markets or subjects; this is probably one of the best at no cost to you ways of generating an online income.


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