How to Make Money – Online Taking Basic Steps (By Luthando)

How do you earn or make money online? Do you have to become a professional blogger? How does a blog make money? These are all questions that are asked every single day and now we have a worldwide credit crunch, I would imagine that it will be asked increasingly over the next weeks and months.

I am not a professional blogger but I have been looking at how to earn money on the net over the past few months and I am starting to see some sales and some progress now, so how is it done?

There is no easy answer, persistence is definitely the key and you don’t need to be a professional blogger but there are some techniques and tricks you need to develop in order to have any chance to make money online.

The question is what comes first? Do you need to have an idea of what you would like to sell or do you need to know that there is a market? The answer is a lot of both.

You may already have an idea for a business but have no idea how to promote it or whether it will actually make you money online. You may have absolutely no ideas and that’s fine as well. . If you think that you have an idea for a business, one that relates to internet marketing for example then you need to know how to research that to ensure that there is actually a market there. If you have no ideas the route is practically the same, its all in the research.

It is entirely possible to make online money now. Is it possible to make money online free? I have to say it’s doubtful. Nothing is free really and you have to make a trade off between spending time and spending money.

There are two types of person looking to make online money. There are those who have some potential ideas and there are those who are literally just starting out and have no ideas at all. Which are you?

I can say that once you start this process, it does get easier. Ideas start to mount up and before you know it you are off on a frolic of your own and have to rein yourself in. You see not all of those ideas will make you money. So how do you get ideas in the first place?

There are a lot of tools to help you on the net, but one thing I found very useful in the beginning was mind mapping. Just do a Google search to get an idea what that is. For those of you very new to this, just go to and in the search box, type mind maps or mind mapping.

What else can you try after or other than mind mapping to get those ideas? Think of what you like and dislike about your job for example. Get an idea where your talents or interests might lie. Write down your life likes and dislikes. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What do simply love doing? Running? Gardening? DIY,eating out? Make a list.

What do you do that might translate to the mighty world of the internet? If you like running, how have you got to your distances and times? How long has it taken you to work up to that, are there some running shoes that you have absolutely loved and some that have rubbed holes in your feet? Is there a particularly good range of clothing that you have tried? Do you get the idea? Start to write things down that you like doing that you know a little about and that you might want to tell someone else about. Think laterally as well. What do your friends do? Has one of them given up running and started walking using Nordic poles? Can you pick their brains?

The same process applies to internet marketing. This is a huge market and there are undoubtedly many money making niches within it. Once you start the habit of looking at things as a potential market, you will see loads of money making opportunities. The next step is to see if there is indeed a market and where it might be.


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