Google Search Engine – Why Some People Love It And Why Other People Hate It (By Luthando)

Google is the largest search engine on the Internet. Almost everyone knows about Google and use it in some way to search for information on the Internet.

Internet marketers are particularly interested in Google because this giant search engine commands a large portion of the traffic pie. As you know, more traffic means more money. So if you own sites that rank well in Google, you will make a lot of money. Unfortunately, this search engine is not in everyone’s good graces. Here is why.

Why people hate Google.

Yes, it’s true. There are people who hate Google. Why is this so? Take a look at the search engine results. How many results do you see on the first page of the search results? Just 10 positions. That means if your site is on the second or third page of the search results, you are likely to get little traffic from Google.

Just imagine having to spend a ton of money (and a lot of time) on search engine optimization and then seeing no results. If your sites don’t rank in the search engines, it can be a frustrating experience. No traffic means no income. And you certainly can’t just sit there and wait for your sites to rank. The business needs cash to continue operations. So business owners who depend on search engine traffic to make sales find it hard to cope when their search rankings tank.

And that can happen at any time. Google is well known for making algorithm changes regularly. So if your sites don’t survive these updates, you are going to experience a downhill ride. This is why people hate Google. They simply can’t control their rankings and when their sites are dropped, they start to hate the giant search engine.

On the flip side, there are people who love Google.

The people who love Google.

These are people who have figured out what Google is really looking for. They have done their homework, and have optimized their site for the search engine. When updates occur, their sites are usually not affected. That means they continue to enjoy high traffic levels. With the competition dropping out due to the updates, they make even more money from the traffic that they receive.

Whether you love or hate Google, one thing is for sure. The search engine rankings will continue to fluctuate for years to come. So you can be at one end of the spectrum on one day, and at the other end of the spectrum on another day.

So the best thing to do is to diversify your traffic sources. Don’t ignore Google. They are too big. But don’t put all your hopes on the search leader either. Make sure you promote your sites using other methods, such as social media, print ads or word of mouth advertising.


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