President Obama Is Sending Moms to School (By Luthando)

President Obama believes the importance of college education. He is, in fact, encouraging millions of Americans to go back to school and earn a degree. Hardworking employees earning a minimum wage and single moms included. Good thing that the president understands that even though most people wanted to go back to school and pursue a degree, they lack the financial capability to do so. In fact, the president urged the congress to pass a new legislation to raise government grants for people who wish to go back to college.

Pell grant is defined as post-secondary educational federal grant sponsored by the US Department of Education. This is usually awarded based on financial need and it does not require repayment. Yes, you don’t have to pay it back. It’s absolutely free!

So, who qualifies for federal Pell grant? Everybody from low-income families and people working full-time who earns a low or minimum wage. The said grant can give them up to $15,000 a year to be spent on tuition, books, fees and other school-related expenses. This is almost enough, if not enough already, to pull you through a year in college. Getting free money for your education means lesser chances, or none at all, for you to depend on student loans just to get hold of that college degree.

And what’s a better news for single mothers or married moms out there? Here’s what. The said grant is making it possible for moms to go back to school without having to quit their jobs or to sacrifice their time with their children. This is because the federal grant can be applied to online classes. Meaning to say, you can pursue your studies at the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your own time. You don’t have to rack your brains on ways how to to toggle everything — your career, your life, your family obligations and your studies, and ended up wishing that you can be at two places at the same time. With online classes, you can pursue your studies after a day’s work and without having to leave your kids. You can listen to an online lecture while waiting for the dinner to get cooked, paused the video if the need arises and get back to it whenever possible. Real convenient, huh? So, what are you waiting for? So Apply today!! Take a chance for a better life and career!!


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